My first meeting with wolves

So here i am, running through the woods with a pack of wolves trying to kill me, fun times.

Few of them managed to bite me. Now im bleeding, great. They keep coming.

Running for like 5 minutes, no building ahead, im not sure if im gonna make it. There is at least 15 of them now.

Managed to get to the powerline tower(?). Now im stuck here, there’s no way they will give up on me. At least im not bleeding, yeah?

And now there’s this guy coming. He looks slightly surprised about the amount of wolves here.

He killed few of them with his pistol. Then dropped his mosin on the ground. Now he’s running away with like 90% of them, letting me climb the ladder down.

We didn’t have time to talk, he told me to take his mosin. Then he just ran in different direction, to help me run away from wolves. I am alive. Don’t know your name, but thank you. By meeting people like you i am still playing DayZ. Thanks!

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