• Matth First off your spelling gives me an aneurism. its obvious your a 14 year old kid who has played the game for 2 hours and got pissed because you don’t know what the hell your doing. Why come to a website ABOUT dayz and view new stuff if you hate the game so much? and yeah it is early access and yeah it will be for some more time. I prefer it that way. That just means we are going to get a lot more cool stuff and they will keep working on it. go back to minecraft and get a refund on your mommies credit card for dayz.

  • Nice animation! , although in a realistic gunfight situation you load faster, i hope the animation will be faster

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    You don’t understand that the animation and programming teams have very different tasks, do you?

  • Cool ! We get a new ANIMATION ! Not like better vehicule, more FPS with a new render, better zombie or idk what could be really good in that ‘game’ haha …

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      we literally JUST got new vehicles… stop being an ungrateful nerd.

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      you don’t know anything about a game process. they can’t just improve something like zombies or fps etc over one night (an example).. the game is in alpha right now, you add stuff here.. when it comes to beta, they will start to optimize the game and make it 100 times better than it is. it’s been in alpha for 2 years. do not say that 2 years is much because it’s not. I don’t think that people like you understand how much work the devs put in this game and it’s probably hard af. And it gets harder when people complains so much so stop with that… and like I said, it’s nothing you can do over 1 night

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        Well 2 years is a lot to him its his entire life up to now!

      • Metman : I said BETTER.

        Andreas : Blablabla Early Acces blablabla Fan boy blablabla Only two year, same talk all over again, make me laugh.

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          It’s clear that you play games just for the PvP. Excuse me, but I fail to see what’s the big problem here, having the fact that the market is overloaded with hundreds of PvP games. Just go play ’em and come back when DayZ is finished. And stop bitchin’

          About the 2,5 years of development, I’ll simply remind you this: The Witcher 3 (5 years) and Fallout 4 (7 years). Have a good night, sir.

      • What is the important point of a game ? Being enjoyable, to have FUN, right ? Well, this is not the point of DayZ, the devellopers and EVERYONE know that this game is laggy, bugged, that lot of people got bad performance and everyone is doing KoS, and what do the dev do ? ‘Ho, i know, let put a Helicrash where only military boots spawn, that hell of a fun.’ ‘Hell, let’s put vehicule where you need to get the battery, 4 wheels and the glow plug to work ! Is so fun to spend 4 hours to finds all of this without getting kicked, killed by players OR bugs !’ I don’t mind that a game is hard, i like game like this, bug GOOD game. Is that hard to make vehicule spawn with at least 2 or 3 wheels minimun ? But no, they want to add the RP first and then the gameplay, yeah, having a better reload animation is what gonna make me love the game, not all the KoS and other sh*t that happen, i like spending 3 hours to get a minimun of equipment and die after 5 min with it by magical hackers or magical bug that ain’t fixed since day one.

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          when you go to steam, search for dayz and scroll down, you get this text: WARNING: THIS GAME IS EARLY ACCESS ALPHA. PLEASE DO NOT PURCHASE IT UNLESS YOU WANT TO ACTIVELY SUPPORT DEVELOPMENT OF THE GAME AND ARE PREPARED TO HANDLE WITH SERIOUS ISSUES AND POSSIBLE INTERRUPTIONS OF GAME FUNCTIONING. you see that? I guess you didn’t see that when you bought the game. stop playing if you can’t handle it…

        • They are not bugs, they are features that need some work.
          Also, frustration is also part of this game, realism is the shit.

          Say the zombie madness would come to town… you think youll just run around happily like a little zombie slayer with a baseball bat on your back? NOPE, youll lay in a corner of your house crying coz everybody died. THAT my friend… is the realism this game brings you.

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          I’m sorry mate, But If you’ve got such a negative attitude to a developing game, you clearly need to find another game/community to harass.. No one here really wants to hear your negativity or rants.

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          1. Early access
          2. The team behind DayZ it’s not big.
          3. Sorry for saying this, but I can’t find another way to say this, what the fuck do you think this people are? Magicians? If you don’t like this game, go to play another thing, you retard, I know this game isn’t perfect, but is because it’s an early access from a small team, and don’t expect that everyting it’s going to be perfect in a finger snap.
          Fourth and finally. If you want to make a game, you need to focus on the little details.
          P.S: Lol look at those dislikes

    • Cry me a river. In my opinion the best game out there. It’s still in alpha so stop crying like a little girl. Uninstall it and go back to Pokemon blue Version.

    • Anyway, there’s no point of talking here, full of fanboy glad to lick Dean ballz.

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        Ok kid, since you are obviously like five let me explain to you in simple terms

        We. On. Forum. Because. We. Like. Game. If. You. Don’t. Like. Game. Go. Whine. Somewhere. Else.

        In more complicated terms: no shit we are fans of the game we are on a FUCKING DAYZ FORUM. If you hate the game so fucking much and hate everyone who likes it, then maybe you should hang out with other people who dont like it.

        If you don’t like it fine and if your parents are too busy for you then fine but that is no excuse to go around trying to get a negative reaction. Maybe those parents should take a more active role and beat some sense into your pathetic ass.

        Ps: what rock are you living under Dean Hall hasn’t had anything to do with this game for a long time.

      • Your a pussy ass queer
        Go play call of duty
        You tit suckling snot nosed
        Little bitch kid

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        Rivals rust and h1z1? Dont make me laugh. They are not even the same genre. Tarkov isnt either.
        Lol saying that bohemia is doing nothing in a post about a thing they are doing. Chambering animations may not seem like much but they change the way pvp with chambered weapons runs. Tarkov will not kill dayz, Tarkov will draw some of the pvpers out of dayz but not kill it. People play rust, dayz, h1z1 and will play tarkov to suit different needs in gaming. Tarkov for high octane pvp, h1 for battle royale, rust for a crafting survival, and dayz for a believable survival

      • Even if they stopped developing the game today, I would still be a quote en quote “Fanboy” because this is the only game in my 12 years of gaming that has actually been able to give me an adrenaline rush. No other game has been able to do that and i’ve been gaming since I was 3 years old, I’ve played most the cod games and got sick of them, then played the crap out of them because I didn’t have a good PC. My parents bought me a crappy acer office laptop to browse the internet, then i bought dayz and played it to about 600 hours at 5-17 fps because the first time i got into an encounter it gave me such an adrenaline rush that i had to seek it out again. That is why dayz has such a “Fanboy” community. It’s because it gets us pumped when we stake the gear we searched a few hours for against the possibility of loosing vs. the possibility of holding up, killing, or trading for even more gear.

        Basically go whine somewhere else, the DayZ community doesn’t need people like you here.