Shared by newt on August 28, 2016

I see Two distinct things on this picture today 28 August 2016.

1st, The loot table seems changed by the Devs as they can tweak it without restarting servers. In the backpacks all loot except for the cow and deer hides were collected in only 4 towns in ONE go, Nadezhdino and RogoPogo (pogorevka & rogovo) and Pulkovo. Most I found in weeks in 1 real honest go at the houses as well as the amount of books found was amazing to me.

2 My resolution looks totally weird. I am 1920 by 1080 always, but for some reason this looks much smaller and crisper than it looked yesterday or previously. I do not think it was a Dev move, but maybe a PC/ game glitch and I am not willing to fix it right now as I love this a lot and want to play with it for a little while before it is gone. Feedback if anyone else finds this to be the case for them too please

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