As It Was

Much like it’s sister city of Chernogorsk, the city of Elektro will see drastic changes with the release of DayZ 0.60. Also like its counterpart, it has been around since the beginning of Chernarus as we know it and has remained largely unchanged for the most part during our time with it.

Though not as large as Cherno and without a prevailing iconic landmark like that town had in the form of its old city hall building, classic Elektro nonetheless has many noteworthy locations and a cozier feel that may be somewhat lost on its replacement.

Before it’s gone, take one last look at the former Elektrozavodsk — the one you’ve known for so long, and the one you’ll always remember fondly. Here it will remain preserved for posterity.

Small Town Feel

One thing that’s always been constant about Elektro is how it manages to be both big and small at the same time. It’s on the fringe between a large town and a city, because it does occupy a fairly large area but lacks the super tall structures that put places like Cherno and Novo firmly into city classification.

Eastern Docks

One part of Elektro that isn’t changing all that much is the dock area outside town to the east. Improvements will be made here, but for the most part it remains familiar.


You’ll still see this unmistakable kink in the road as you leave to the east as well, but in 0.60 you’ll likely see it through a blanket of coastal fog…

City Center

This intersection has a totally different look and feel in 0.60. It is no longer a tight space closely encircled by residential and commercial buildings, with everything pushed outward to make way for a wide open square. The old office building and police station do not any longer sit face-to-face across the street from one another.

Police Station

The station itself hasn’t moved too far — just one block to the south. The biggest change there is that it has gone from having a wide open entrance on the square to having barricades outside in most directions. The station seems to have gone from a symbol of authority to a point of last stand.

In Its Shadow

This view on the old power plant is entirely different moving forward. Here in the old Elektro, this area of the rolling hills to the north is quite sparse… but in 0.60 it has far more buildings and a good view of the completely overhauled power plant. This quaint scene is no more.


As I said earlier, Elektro manages to be large while still feeling small at the same time. This image of small houses along the winding road to the power plant illustrates that point. The smoke stack in the background, far from being the tallest structure in Chernarus, is the highest point in the whole city.


This spot is no longer home to the city’s hospital, instead being occupied by additional residential buildings and an intersection impeded by a military checkpoint.

Down to One

Elektro has always been notable for its most unique trait — two fire stations. That is no longer the case in 0.60, with this western station being moved/rotated and the one located at the power plant being eliminated entirely. Enjoy the old city’s odd pairing while it’s still around.

On the Rails

There has always been a railroad running through Elektro, and this quaint old station on the western end of town is a reminder of that. In 0.60, the rails dominate the look of center city.


Even from overhead, the old Elektrozavodsk doesn’t seem like much. The city is at its most impressive when you come to appreciate how much breathing room it has. It manages to have all of the critical elements without feeling crowded. Be sure to give it one last good look before it’s replaced with its newer, shinier counterpart and recall the memories you have made here.

Shared by Tatanko on June 9, 2016

A collection of photos from old Elektrozavodsk before it changes drastically in the 0.60 update.