The Old City

Before 0.60 is pushed to the Stable branch of DayZ, it’s important that we reflect on some of the places in Chernarus that are changing in a big way. One of those places is the city of Chernogorsk on the southern coast. It has been around since the beginning, a key set in Arma 2’s Operation Red Harvest before DayZ was even an idea.

Cherno proper occupies some 1.5 km² of area, but factor in its constituencies and the Chernogorsk metro area has an influence of closer to 4.0 km². Even in its older form, it is one of the single largest locations on the map, and perhaps one of the most iconic places in the realm of DayZ.

We may be losing a place that we have come to know and love for years, but it’s being replaced by an arguably superior alternative that is equally if not more impressive. Let’s take one more look around the regional capitol of Chernarus as we know it before it’s gone for good.

Construction Site

The setting for many encounters between disgruntled fresh spawns on the coast, this unfinished building and its easily-seen-from-a-distance bright yellow crane are mostly gone in the new Cherno. In this spot is now the industrial zone, and the building (but not the crane, which is gone) has been moved to the north end of town.


The “arm” of the Cherno dock area that extends out into the sea has been changed drastically, and so have the beaches that surround it. This road which previously led out to the end of the arm is now gone entirely, replaced by additional dock platforms and industrial buildings.


The docks themselves are different, too. This platform which stuck out of the water in the harbor is no longer present. Though it wasn’t the most inspired design touch, nothing like it existed at any other port town.

Industrial Zone

The entirety of the industrial zone has been moved from the north to the east. Where it used to be, there are now mostly houses as well as a raised railway. This has had the effect of creating a distinct new northern district of Chernogorsk.

Church by the Water

The unmistakable church near the water isn’t gone, and in fact it hasn’t even moved that far. It no longer sits right next to the water as it used to, however.

One of Two

There are of course two hospital buildings in Chernogorsk, and this one sat north of the old industrial zone. It was typically far quieter than the other one near the center of town, and the “relaxed” medical looting experience (relative to the other hospital in town) will be somewhat missed.

The Other of Two

The second hospital was nearer to the police station and the plane wreck, and typically saw far more action than the other facility due in part to being in the proximity of these other high traffic areas. A million times more blood has been spilled in this place than has been gained through supplies looted here.

This location is the center of an unspoken rule: if you’re looking for trouble, head to the hospital.

Police Station

If there was anywhere more risky to be in a full server than the hospital, then the police station was it. Going here wasn’t a guaranteed death sentence, but even fresh spawns had to consider whether it was worth the risk to head in this direction. It sat in the shadow of the International Hotel and its plane wreck, making the dangerous location very ominous as well.

Crash Zone

This part of Cherno, known as Victory Square, will never be the same without the bisected airplane sitting at the base of the hotel. Fortunately, the map team was kind enough to relocate it elsewhere rather than get rid of it, and it now sits a little to the northwest of the square with military tents at its feet.

City Sign

These signs can still be found in the new Chernogorsk, but they are no longer in quite the same locations. This shot of one of the signs in front of the old industrial zone does well to represent the city as we have come to know it.


The rail lines running through Cherno have seemingly changed little in 0.60, but the important part is what has changed around them. The highly recognizable industrial yards we see here on the north end of town have gone away, stripping the railyard of its massive sense of scale to imbue that feeling elsewhere. To restore some character to the yard then, the rails have been raised up along this stretch of town, creating a sense of division at the same time.

Railyards (Cont.)

This view is a powerful example of how the industrial revolution made Chernogorsk into what it is. Unfortunately, this particular arrangement will soon be gone.

City Hall

Perhaps the most important thing we are losing in all of this is the iconic city hall building. In 0.60 it is being replaced by the much larger and enterable tower from Novodmitrovsk. This was no doubt a difficult decision to make, as this is one of the most recognizable and unique buildings in all of Chernarus.

Since 2009 (that’s 7 years!), this beautiful piece of Soviet architecture has stood tall in the shadow of the International Hotel at Victory Square, and remains as pleasing to the eye now as it did years ago. Though it has never been updated, it retains a functional clock tower and was once climbable.

Over the Years

On the left, we have the original square as it appeared during Arma 2’s Operation Red Harvest in 2009. On the right is the square as it appears today before the 0.60 update to DayZ. It is obvious that care was taken to update this part of town in a way that preserved the original layout but made it clear that time had passed. The biggest difference, of course, is that a plane has now wrecked into the International Hotel and caused damage to the area around it.

Yekaterinburg Administration

In real life, the old Cherno capitol building is actually the much larger Yekaterinburg administrative building. This city (alternatively “Ekaterinburg”) is the capitol of the Sverdlovsk Oblast and is the fourth largest city in Russia. It serves as the cultural and industrial hub of the Ural Federal District.

What is it Really?

The sign near the entrance to the city hall building reads РЕСПУБЛИКА ЧЕРНАРУСЬ АДМИНСТРАЦИЯ or “Republic of Chernarus Administration” in Russian. In Chernarussian (Czech) below, it reads MĚSTSKÝ ÚŘAD or “City Office.” The lettering above the entrance reads ГОРСОВЕТ or “City Council” in Russian.

So what is this building really? It seems to be a mix of both local and semi-national government offices. Evidence points to this place housing the city officials of Chernogorsk, but also the regional government of South Zagoria — the area in the larger country of Chernarus where DayZ takes place.

Clock Tower

The top of city hall features a clock tower that not only accurately displays the in-game time of day, but also chimes at preset intervals to inform players in the area that time has passed. This feature was not present early in DayZ’s development, but was restored with the 0.49 update. Cherno’s city hall is the only location in Chernarus which features an environmental effect like this, and it will likely go away along with the building.

In addition to having the chimes re-added during development, the building actually lost functionality as well. Early on, it was possible to use the rain spouts on the side of the building to climb onto the roof. It’s hard to pin down when this change was made, but it hasn’t been possible for quite a long time.


The Cherno we are getting in 0.60 is better in so many ways. In fact, there’s very little downside to it. It’s important that we not forget what we are leaving behind however, as for many of us old Cherno is a place with a direct connection to many of our most memorable times spent playing DayZ.

Don’t be sad about what we’re losing, just remember it fondly and be sure to take lots of pictures before it’s gone. Safe travels!

Shared by Tatanko on May 26, 2016

A collection of photos from “old” Chernogorsk before it changes drastically in the 0.60 update.

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    Once again you have proven to show your amazing work Tatanko! The old capital building definitely served as a regional government building of Chernarus during the times of both the Soviet Union and Chernarus. From the Knowledge of what I’ve learned, Several former countries from the USSR use regional titles know as “Oblasts” which are common in those countries, even in countries in the former Eastern Block used them.

    So it is a high chance that Chernarus uses Oblasts, but very few in the NE corner of Chernarus due to that region’s size. I am quite upset to the fact that their removing the Original Soviet Administration building that’s been there, but it could mean they might place it somewhere else in South Zagoria, maybe like Zelenogorsk since it does need a little bit of a touch up. Seems to me all the Iconic Arma buildings are going away. Just like the one from Arma: Operation Flashpoint.

    And on a final note, this could mean that since Arma 2 hasn’t been touched by Bohemia for as long as dust could settle in, the DayZ dev team are reworking the lore of both Arma 2’s Chenarus and DayZ’s in a way. By this I come to say that all the cities in Arma 2’s South Zagoria, are the cities at the time of what they’d look like during the times of the USSR, and I can back this up with the image of Berezino in the High school building. On the picture it say’s “Berezino, 1980” which shows it’s original look from Arma 2, and thus the reworked cities that we have right now are the post 2009 looks that they had.