Mosin Extreme

Perhaps more than anything else we’ve lost since DayZ made its early access debut, players greatly lament the inability to attach a bipod and long range scope to their Mosin any longer. The rifle lost these capabilities in the 0.45 and 0.56 updates respectively, slowly stripping it of its extreme long range capabilities. This was done both because of accuracy to real life and more importantly for balancing reasons.

Burlap Wrap / Grass Wrap

Another weapon attachment casualty along the way were the early burlap wrap and grass wrap attachments for the Mosin. These items would serve as the prototype for the eventual ghillie weapon wrap, and were never able to be used with any other weapon except the Mosin. The two wraps lasted from 0.48 through 0.50.

12 Gauge Slugs

Included with the initial release of the game, 12 gauge slugs are an alternative to the traditional 12 gauge buckshot shells we are limited to today. They are solid slugs inside an open-ended shotgun shell which fire a single projectile at your target rather than a spread of pellets. Though it can be tough to nail down exactly when these stopped spawning, they lasted long enough to see actual use after the introduction of the IZH-43 in the 0.32 update.

With all that said, these were never terribly popular with those who tried them and they never made an official return to the game after being removed early on. They were, however, accidentally included in the loot tables during the 0.56 update on the Experimental branch (along with a handful of other old items).

Tactical Vest and Down Jacket

These two articles of clothing were removed at very different times, but both were early favorites of veteran players. The Tactical Vest was a direct port from Arma 3 which never really worked well in DayZ due to differences in character skeleton, so it was dropped somewhere around the time of 0.33 or 0.34, though it remained possible for characters to retain existing vests until a wipe occurred later on.

The Down Jacket (affectionately known as “Bubble Goose” for its puffy look and goose down insulation) was introduced with the 0.33 update and lasted clear up until the time it was replaced by the Quilted Jacket in the 0.53 update. This move was made due to clipping issues with the Down Jacket that were solved by moving to a newer, slimmer piece of clothing.


Tactical Vest image by OverclockersUK user Ricoshea. Down Jacket image by DayZ Intel user Aaronjin.

Pink Hoodie

Another item for which it can be difficult to determine a timeline, the pink hoodie disappeared sometime between the 0.46 and 0.49 updates. It was actually tied to the Red Hoodie item and bore that name, but when worn by female characters the hoodie would go from a two-tone red-and-gray to a solid pink/purple shade that didn’t quite match either the Pink Baseball Cap or Purple Taloon Backpack. It is not known why this “feature” was removed from the game.

Climbing the Capitol

Something unknown to many players who haven’t been around since the beginning: it was at one time possible to climb up the side of Chernogorsk’s capitol building and reach the roof. You did so by scaling the power lines attached to the outside.

This ability was a carryover from the Mod, and was eventually removed sometime later on, but it is difficult to tell exactly when because it was a feature few utilized in the first place. It made it until at least the 0.44 update, but possibly later.


Upon reaching the roof, you could get a closer look at the clock tower, which keeps actual time based on server settings. It even chimes on the hour just like the old days, although that wasn’t always the case in the Standalone.

Marvelous View

From up here, you had a pretty good view towards the industrial area, and only the cement factory dead ahead is taller than this capitol building.

Eye on the Plaza

You had complete control of the plaza between the capitol and the International Hotel. This wide open area was yours for the picking.

Zluta Soda

Speaking of the International Hotel, this is an old picture of the lobby featuring a Zluta soda machine. Today in their place we see Pipsi machines, but once upon a time we used to have Chernarus’s own brand of sodas as seen on the billboards scattered about the map.

Three varieties were available: Klasik (lemon), Kolaloka (cola), and Malinovka (raspberry). The sodas are a reference to the 1964 Czech film Limonádový Joe (Lemonade Joe) about a traveling salesman peddling a product called Kolaloka.

Balota Tents

“Balota Tent City” as it became known was an addition to the existing military airfield at Balota, unique to the Standalone. Though it was indeed popular while it was around, the decision was made to move it to the Myshkino area as part of the 0.49 update. This was done for balancing reasons the same as the Northeast Airfield, with military gear being pushed inland and away from the coast.

Wiped Out

Another shot of the old military camp. When it was moved, it was essentially picked up and dropped back down exactly as it was.

Balota Barracks

Not only did the tents get moved out of the area, but we also lost some of the barracks buildings which previously occupied the southwest corner of the airfield at Balota. These buildings were reduced to rubble, and the lone tent that was within the walls got plucked away as well.


Primary image by DayZ Wikia user LegendFPS.

Grass Pyramid

Lost before most players even knew it existed, the Grass Pyramid occupied spot near the center of the country just north of Stary Sobor. It was a terrain anomaly resulting in a small hill jutting up within the wide fields of middle Chernarus.

Hidden in Plain Sight

The reason so few had visited this location is due to how well it was hidden right before their very eyes. Since it was the same type of terrain as what surrounded it, few distinguished it visually to even notice that it was there in the first place. Even if you knew where you look, you might have struggled to find it the first time.

Watching Over

We lost the pyramid in the 0.45 update, but because it was so endeared by those who had bothered to seek it out, a memorial marker was left in its place to mark the spot for the rest of time.

Old Skalisty

Prior to the 0.53 update giving the island a massive makeover, Skalisty had a more substantial cluster of houses on it’s southwestern side. There were enough of them that it could be considered its own little village. It boasted four houses, a full-sized boathouse and dock, and a gorgeous view of the southeastern coast of Chernarus.

Skalisty Village

Viewed from the dock, this really does look like it could qualify as its own town. Similar in size to the tiny fishing village of Berezhki farther to the north, this hamlet even had its own water pump.

Static Heli Crash Sites

Before, and even for a short time after we gained dynamic helicopter crash sites, we had static heli crashes. These were simply part of the environment and were never intended to spawn loot. They were exclusively based off the Russian helicopter model, and could be found in three locations: Balota, Kumyrna, and Rify.

Still Figuring This Out

When dynamic helicopter crash sites were introduced, there were a few spawn points that didn’t work out for balancing reasons. One of them is this spot in Prigorodki. For obvious reasons, having high-end loot accessible to fresh spawns seemed like a bad idea.

This picture is notable for two other things as well: this is an original heli crash model, later replaced by a much better one, and in the background we have the old Pik Kozlova mountain before it was redone in 0.54.

Cheap Thrill

We would eventually lose the ability (maybe even permanently), but it was once possible to blow up the gas stations scattered about the map. This was done by either detonating an explosive device close by or, more commonly, by unloading your gun on one of the pumps.

Many did this for no other reason than to have fun, and it was often used as a tool for scaring other players who had no idea what was happening. It was buggy however, which may have contributed to its removal.

Yellow House

As a leftover from the original Operation Flashpoint game that predates the Arma series, this house and its matching garage building were never shown any love in the Standalone. In fact, it seems as though their eventual removal was planned all along since they never spawned any loot after the first update or two.

To be fair, this house never really fit in with the others anyway and didn’t meet the same standards.

Yellow Garage

The counterpart to the yellow house, few ever utilized this building and it never spawned any loot either. Unlike the house, it was actually kind of charming, and as you can see it neatly holds a V3S with room to spare.

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A collection of some of the many things that have been changed dramatically or removed from the game since its release.