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    I have to agree with Roy. DayZ is about survival, not PvP. Those that want PvP can find plenty of that on Wasteland so have fun there. I think the game should have more guns but an American Western replica? No, that makes no sense but DayZ allows you to make your own story line. Russian and Eastern European firearms would be a far more intelligent option than Western European and American weapondry, I had major issues with the first assault rifle in SA being a M-4A1 instead of an AK-74 variant or something similar. Perhaps some old WWII weapons that were horded could be added, that could make for some interesting story lines. COD or BF need fully automatic, belt feed weapons but not a survival game like DayZ, survival games need pump action shotguns, pistols and crossbows for all the people that want to be Daryl Dixon. DayZ will have to migrate away from the PvP aspect, or at least the KOS tendencies of some players, to fully realize Dean Hall’s vision. I have to admit that some part of me would like to have the security of a good battle rifle but this isn’t what Dayz is about so I guess I’ll just wait for horses, saddles, low slung Western holsters and cowboy boots so I can cowboy up! Those that do know their military weaponry though realize the SVD Dragunov sniper rifle isn’t far away because pictures have been leaked and the PSO-1 scope was invented for the SVD in 1964, it has never been designed to be attacked to a standard model AKM, so there is that.

    • Nice thanks! I imagine they will take off the attach-ability of the PSO scope from the AK style rifles eventually then, like they did with bipod on the mosin?

      I agree with the basic weaponry but they should definitely add some top range guns obviously being very rare. I know they are adding some of these already but guns and things I would like to see in the game would be… Dragunov, M16, AK74U, Rossi lever action, Snub nose 22. revolver, Baikai shotgun, slug shotgun ammo, improvised silencers lasting a limited amount of shots, more types of rifle scopes, hunting scopes, marksmen scopes similar to the long-range scope. Faster switching to pistol animations, weapon holsters to hold onto more weapons and maybe upgradable tiers of backpack requiring different materials.

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    This is gonna take off some heads 😉

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    The base of DayZ (DayZ SA) is and should always be about survival. That’s why odd guns like the Obrez are in it. PvP is in it, but at a huge risk to your longevity (regarding gear/your life) and should be a last resort. Stay tuned instant gratification COD kiddies, there will be mods! Overwatch was a fast paced military loot filled version and it was a blast for those YOLO players out there. I personally can’t wait for the Epoc/Overpoch equivalent mods to start pouring out. Overall I’m just too damn excited to see what else may come!

  • I think what we need is some more game-changing rifles, not cowboy repeaters people will throw away at every opportunity for any other rifle.
    Maybe add some more assault rifles, an actual sniper rifle or a light machine gun before one consider adding useless weapons only used when you have to?

    • damn, boy.
      This is not CoD, and not BF.
      This is DayZ, not Call of Camperfield: Online-reloaded.
      DayZ is about surviving, DayZ is not a Shooter with very long respawn&re-gear-times.

      I think non-military weapons need to be 60-80% of the game’s weapons.

      • really something wrong your head bro you addicted with cod or bf what the helll you talking about even if you add a lot of type machine gun and heavy weapons if you make those weapons harder to use and find game not going to be COD OR BF. YOu cant even compare with cod and bf.

    • More AssaultRifles, LMGs and SniperRifles will come.

      But right now, the DEVs focus on making the “survival-“aspect more important. And while doing this, they produce way more civilian items, and some military items.

      But think: In “reality” in a Zombie-apocalypse, not everybody would have military gear.
      Only maybe 15-5% of the survivors would have military Assaultrifles, etc.

      and LMGs??
      Boyy, hooohooo!
      The PKP weighs 8-12 kg. and you need a magazine-belt. For this, you need lots of ammo and clips, or something to “clip” in the individual bullets…

      And why an “actual sniperrifle”? Do you want DayZ to become a game, where every fucking CoD-kiddo sits and camps in the wood, sniping people at ranges over 800m, just “for da lolz”.

      Sorry xD I don’t know you. So I could be wrong.
      But for me, you look like a Kiddo, who wants just “gunzgunz&gunz&pistols” in DayZ, even though the major aspect of the game lies in “surviving”

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        I am just hoping the PS4 game to clean PC one, because right now it’s filled with kids.

        • I cant quite tell what you were trying to say here but if you meant you hope there will be less kids in the PS4 version I think you will be disappointed it has been shown that more console gamers are kids compared to PC gamers so the percentage of kids in the PS4 version will be much higher than the PC version.

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        hell yeah man i know that the dayz crew have said several times they will have snipers/lmgs launchers blaw blaw blaw but i will be rare as hell for the most part so there will be people out there with a one shot auto zero crazy bull shit gun but there will be only be 3 in the entire game at one time they will be managed by a central hive loot tabel that spans all servers so most like poeple will be to fucking scared to even bring out the big guns cause if they loose it it will be added back to the loot table and it can spawn on any server so chances of finding it agan are slim at best the example he gave was a thermal scoped rifle i cant find this interview but i will keep looking if you know the one im talking about please link it thanks

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      Why would you find an actual american high-end military op lmg like the m249 in a poor post- soviet russian province?

      • Very true if anything LMG like you would find an RPK which is apparently a heavier version of the AK style rifles which also take AK magazines. It would make more sense over an RPD which is a lot heavier style of it and would most likely be very cumbersome for a survivor.

        It is a bit odd because a lot of soviet lmg’s take the same 7.62-39m rounds the AKM and SKS take and have a drum magazine so the AKM right now is almost like the RPK.. They may eventually take off attachability of the drum mag from the AKM and have it soley for the soviet LMG they will add later, and maybe similarly with the PSO1 scope that would instead fit the Dragunov..

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      If they did that..and just keep adding more powerfull weapons for each different type, you would just end up with a single most powerfull weapon for each type…and you would only see that gun used, for example everyone using the same pistol, same rifle, and the rest of the guns left underpowered and underused.

      Why do we need another assault rifle ? we just got the AK101 and AKM to go along with the M4… giving 3 military grade rifles…its about time we got somthing cool like this leveraction and a pumpaction shotgun.

      I would like to see a new sniper though soon..but even thats most likely gonna be a SVD Dragunov and add another military weapon to the list.

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      Your comment just makes me mad Shinobii. What the hell man… Ugh…

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      why down vote he is right nobody going to use it like sporter they are just spending time they dont other playing styles like sniper or support i hate when people cry about snipers and lmg epoch mod even got tanks but everyone plays that not vanilla dayz mod people like army weapons in dayz even if you noobs defend low power weapon there will bi mod for standalone and everyone will play that you can play your vanilla without crying if you find any servers…

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        -Amazing Non type version

        why down vote he is right nobody going to use it like sporter they are just spending time they dont support other playing styles like sniper or support i hate when people cry about snipers and lmg epoch mod even got tanks but everyone plays epoch not vanilla dayz mod people like army weapons in dayz, even if you noobs defend your low power weapons there will be mod for standalone and everyone will play that and you can play your vanilla without crying if you find any servers…