Coastal Time

As with any adventure, ours began as fresh spawns on the coast. Though it did take a few tries to end up near enough to each other to meet. The weather in this server was gloomy, but somehow pleasant in that uniquely DayZ way.


We finally met up in Berezino, but found it difficult to find any friends in the northern section with all of its fences and tall buildings.

On the Move

I lost Sky for a second, but caught her just as she was running past this gate.


We stopped to give some thought to where we wanted to go. The city seemed quiet, but we decided to take a look around anyway.

Scouting the Town

No one. Dead silence, and not another living soul in sight. Perhaps it was time to move on from here.

But First...

For probably the tenth time already Skyren asks, “What are you doing?”

On the Way Out

Despite not seeing anyone inside the town, I got the feeling that we were being watched as we made our way down the road.

Our First Friends

Just outside of town, we come across a curious pair of travelers. One of them doesn’t speak, and the other has an obviously fake accent. We’re not sure we should trust them, but for the time being we let them tag along.

Heading to Svetlo

As we head north to Svetlojarsk, we try to pry more information out of our companions. They don’t tell us anything useful, however.

Stopping for Apples

We are all halfway starving to death at this point from ignoring food, so we stop to pick apples. It went downhill from here.

Suspicions Grow

Our “friends” start acting weirder and weirder, especially the one who does not talk. At one point, the talker “punishes” the quiet one for misbehaving by hitting him over the head with a sledgehammer.

Messing Around

Sky is now carrying her fireaxe in her hands at all times for safety. For a short time, we think these strangers might mellow out and not cause chaos, despite the quiet one lighting a flare for no reason at all.

You Want to Fight?

After we chop down the apple tree, Sky and the quiet one each pick up a wooden stick. The talkative one provokes them into hitting each other with the sticks for fun.

Stick Battle

Though I remain neutral in all of this, it is to no avail. Sky eventually pokes the quiet one in the face, killing him, which prompts his friend to kill both of us.

The restart button is pressed on our journey.

Old Industry

Sky and I find ourselves in Chernogorsk after starting over. Seeing the industrial section gives me an idea.

Remember it This Way

I decide to have a look around the northern end of the city so I can better remember it once its gone. Some time in the future, this part of town will look completely different.

One for the Road

You’ll be able to say to your friends someday, “Remember old Cherno?”


Something about this part of the industrial area makes it feel cramped. I get extra nervous going through here.

City Hall

Much like the current industrial sector, this part of town is changing at some point too. This old school, majestic orange and gray stone structure will be no more.

New Friends

Near the police station, we encounter a few fresh players who claim to have been involved in a battle here just a short time before we passed through.

Ultimately, we put too much trust into them and it didn’t end well for us. We each perished in hand-to-hand combat.

Let's Try Again

This time, I awaken in Elektro. Though I briefly consider staying, I roll the dice once again.

Great Minds

On my next attempt, I find myself in Svetlo. Once again nowhere near Sky, I climb a building to end myself when I hear a voice across the way. The man says, “No no, like this,” as he leaps to his death from the crane.

Meeting at the Hotel

We both find ourselves in Cherno once more. As we pick up items to get ourselves going again, we encounter many random characters.

The most fun person we crossed paths with all night was “jukebox guy,” who ran away from us if we tried to approach him but followed us if we ignored him, playing random songs and Star Wars quotes from a soundboard all the while. He kept us entertained for a long time.

Poking the Hornet's Nest

In the time that we ran around Cherno with jukebox guy, a bloody conflict arose in the hospital at the east end of town. We heard gunshots for quite a while, and secured ourselves in a nearby house while we watched person after person enter the hospital.

For probably 10 or 15 minutes we watched patiently, waiting for the right time to enter battle and take claim over what was left. After dispatching someone with what little ammo I had for my B95, we edged closer to the scene.

What the Hell Happened Here?

When we finally made our move, I encountered several pissed off fresh spawns who had likely died earlier in the battle and returned for their gear. Engaging a few in melee combat, I was eventually knocked out and had everything stolen from me; everything that is, except my sword!

After regaining consciousness, I slayed my attacker and another unlucky battlefield looter. Just as I paused to take this picture of the carnage, I was plugged in the back of the head with a bullet.

Shared by Tatanko on October 23, 2015

An evening of adventure with Skyren22.

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