Shared by keistabeast on February 21, 2017

Hello, if you are looking for a squad than you are in the right place. Our squad has a balance between friendly and bad. We will occasionally PVP. We also like to travel. We do loot runs for survival realism. We have no minimum age.
On the weeks we are usually on around 6-10pm (eastern time). Must speak fluent English. Please download Discord in advance.

Below is a template of an application. All information with asterisk must be included and answered in full sentences. Application can be sent to my email: “”. Please make subject: 6TH PLATOON SIGN UP. I look forward to playing with you!


1. *Steam Username

2. *Hours Played

3. Age

4. *Friendly or Bandit? (Will not disqualify you)

5. *Military status? (Will not disqualify you)

6. * A Little Bit About You (Just so I can get to know you better)

7. *Where you live (I just want to know your time zone)