Shared by >LXXXII< on June 11, 2015

Its hard to see on the picture, but yesterday i was bleeding out of many holes in my body. FOR HOURS! Zombies and other players couldn´t kill me.
And i wasn´t getting hungry and thirsty, too.. Kind of a godmode-bug.. Could be worse ^^


  • Yeah i had that one yesterday aswell. After you relogin, the status will go to maximum hydration and energised but you have to puke somehow…

    I guess this is what they call the “Pumpkin fix”. Instead of rendering both values to 0 on relogon theyll max it to a 100 and make you max stuffed.
    Nice “fix”. wtf…

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    are you sure about the immortality part? cause i had something similar, so no changing status symbols no color loss or blurriness while bleeding but at some point i just dropped unconscious from blood loss (i didnt bandage, wanted the respawn) so i think it can happen that your status messanges freeze and you get no feedback from the charakter but you will still loose blood, health and get hungry. even if you dont see anything about it until you die