Shared by Jesus Saves on November 7, 2016

Found this at a apple tree on exp. Didn’t find any more trees with the same thing. Anyone else seen this?


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    Yes this is a glitch and this specific one worked better in all previous patches, but this one will kill DayZ server performance very quickly.
    Lets say there are around 1000 apple trees in DayZ and 60 survivors. 20 use the apple pick glitch and they each leave this amount of apples you display here after each pick then there would be 1680 more items for the server to contend with, that is without the other 18000 odd items that are strewn all over for us to survive and collect, not also counting the stashes that would be built. My experience I see servers break after a while because there is too much shit laying around.
    The apple pick and apple eat glitch are for lazy people. It was also the first thing I tested when I got into experimental 0.61 because it gives an indication of if stuff were fixed or not.
    Why it worked better in previous patches is because once your backpack was filled your character stopped picking literally. You basically eat an apple when your bag empty slots are all filled and you know when to stop. Now a survivor using this just goes on picking as the glitch does not warn you when you have enough and you go on picking and picking and picking and when you realize it you have a hundred apples on the ground as this is where they are being stored once your bag is full
    Many would hate me right now for this as they do not care about canned food searching and this is easy and please do not attack me for knowing how this works.
    I got 6800 hours on DayZ and you pick up on things and I actually made a video of this and how it works but I do not want to display it as it will break DayZ apart

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    someone must have done the apple glitch and dropped them on the floor there.

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    Mistake, got 5800 hours, wish I had 100 more already

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    was this at pavlovo just after the military base?