Shared by Zodiac on November 27, 2015

we were waiting in nwaf for our friend so we go help him loot and shit.. then my friend as he approached nwaf got sprayed with an m4.. we rushed to help him but our mags were gone and then my friend got killed immediately. i knew it was a hacker so i typed hahaha in chat only to receive a FUCK YOU in return and he was so horrible at aiming that his first shot was next to me..i am your biggest fan and i was bringing more and more players into this game. but after this.. and all those updates. im proud to say fuck dayz standalone.. honestly… im not playing this game anymore untill i really see improvements or some miracle. oh and BTW here’s the names of the guys were at the server when this happened. LOLNigger and NoNameLeL, those who killed us and the others joined in after, im sure they’re his friends.