Head Towards the Light

The first server we were on had some crazy weather at sunset. We headed towards Severograd after starting in Svetlojarsk.

Meet at the Quarry

It’s hard to miss a place like this, so we decided to gather here.

"The Red Guy"

For the majority of our trip, I was primarily clothed in red, which made me easy to spot (good and bad).

Language Lesson

We tried to get Sky to read the sign for us, because why not? :p

Ready to Go

Sky stands watch over the Kamensk military base as we wait to get going.


(Gratuitous glamour shot.)

Fire Station Tower

I climbed to the top of the fire station to get a better look while Skyren and ToySoldier watched over the city with their scoped rifles.

Fire Station Sunset

(Gratuitous glamour shot.)

Seeking Revenge

Once we hit the Northwest Airfield, we lost ToySoldier in back and forth guerilla warfare in the trees around the tent area. Here, Sky scans the area for the person who killed ToySoldier.

Military Buffet

We accidentally stumbled upon this explosion of loot and had our fill of whatever we could grab.

Let's Go!

Then we promptly ran around and looked for trouble some more.

Image Geolocation