Shared by hwk on January 27, 2015

“We finally gets our hands on the flare gun projectile which was waiting for some time to be configured as we didn’t have possibility to attach the new light source to the projectiles till now. However recently our programmers made this option available for us and also allowed light sources to be generated with the shooting of the weapon.

Which means that now you can spot someones cover by actual illumination of its surroundings while he is shooting at you. Then with a flare gun you are free to lighten up surrounding environment or use it as a signal for others.” P. Nespesny


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    In my opinion they should fix the configurations. Gamma and brightness changes should not affect the nighttime that much. There should be basic settings for everyone, to make it fair + (minimal changes possible, which do not affect the gameplay like currently). I would prefer playing on server with day/night cycle, but not if you are able to make the nighttime to daytime!

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    cheater destroyed this nice game but hey we get a flare gun -.-

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      Looks like you’ve destroyed your ability to make a cohesive sentence. Again, like you children need to continually be told, The art team is not in control of anti-hack, nor is this the place to be making such shallow complaints. How about you try and be constructive instead, try thanking the amazing art team for l the hard work they put in around the clock to design new and awesome items for this fantastic game. Here is a good example, “Wow, I can’t believe how good of a job they did on this flare-gun, and to think they spent 3 full months redesigning the way attached light sources work just to make sure we have a flare-gun that works properly keep up the great work guys we are proud to have you all as the Art Dev team.” Then, once you are done being polite like a good little boy, you can head on over to the DayZ Forums on Reddit where you can get directly in contact with the team in charge of anti-hack, there you can tell them all about your amazing and simple anti-hack system that you coded and published yourself, since you seem to be quite confident in the fact that you know what’s best for this game of how yo go about laying out a development roadmap. And if you don’t have any amazing ideas, maybe you should just quietly sit back down and let the professionals do what they are being paid to do. Thanks in advance, pal.