Shared by crumdawgs on September 14, 2014

Now what do i read next?



  • they really need to remove books from the loot tables, they are so useless right now. the only thing i can think of them being useful for is if they implement a learning skill tree to where u need to learn to build/repair a vehicle, learn horticulture and how to grow and plant stuff.

    as of now only being able to use books for tearing them up into papers to wright on is stupid.

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      How about read the books?

      Not every item need a positive and/or usefull function. I hope they will also add something like garbage, which spawns in building or can be created (side-effect) by the player (like: if you drink a soda = empty can, If you eat canned food = empty food can, if your fire burned down = pile of ash etc.).

      Garbage could also have a function (like in the mod, it was possible to distract zombies by throw an empty can near them)

      In my option the items with not such usefull function make DayZ a much better game. I love the possibility to write something on paper… like a “kill list” or just a simple message… DayZ need more of this little features 😀