Welcome to Our Camp

A dedicated group of individuals from the Experimental section of the official forums has twice this weekend decided to build a camp in Novaya Petrovka for the purposes of testing the hotfix. This album was created after only a few hours of work.

Apartment Block

The group decided that the easiest and quickest way to build their camp would be to drop the tents where they found them (basically). In the city, it’s easy to find more of these tents and items to fill them with.

Obvious Spot is Obvious

It might seem ridiculous to set up right in the middle of the street, but it works for our purposes.


The camp now has some of each kind of tent, as well as barrels and trucks from nearby areas.

Taking a Break

This camp never sleeps, not even when the sun goes down. A fire is kept burning most of the time to keep the place going.


Many day/night cycles have passed over this camp and it still endures. Performance has remained more than acceptable, with little to no lag when interacting with objects and containers.

Continued Growth

The camp just keeps expanding as more tents and items are added. If we break the server, it will be in the name of SCIENCE!

Shared by Tatanko on September 13, 2015

Released on Friday the 11th, build 0.58.129488 is on the Experimental branch for the weekend in order to make sure it’s ready to go to Stable. Do your part and help test out camps by gathering tents, barrels, and trucks then filling their inventories with whatever you can find. Submit any issues you may encounter to http://feedback.dayzgame.com.

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