View on Usti/Cherno, left of the Elbe river

The old town of Usti. In the game there is no real city anymore at this place, they still took the Hotel and placed it in Cherno, which is a district of Usti

International Hotel

The townhall

Three Valleys, taken from the other side of the river – which would be the sea ingame

Direction to Three Valleys (All pictures have been taken from the other side of the river)

Direction to Elektro

Direction to Elektro

Elektro with Sniperhill, Povrly in real life

Elektro with Sniperhill, Povrly in real life


crappy sniperhill quality

The famous rock between Cherno and Elektro

In the distance you can see the new appartment buildings of Cherno, which they added in Chernarus-plus for DayZ standalone

Another picture of Usti, relevant is only the left side of the river

Factory of Solnichniy

Topolka Dam north of Elektro/Povrly

Just below the the dam is actually an open air bath and bungalow.

Street down to Elektro

At our hotel on a mountain, which would be on the far west, not even really on the Chernarus map anymore, was a coin operated binoculars – spotted some familiar buildings in Cherno/Usti

Zelenogorsk supermarket (right)

Zelenogorsk – Chuderov in real life



Fields around Zelenogorsk

View to the south, to the “coast”

Area above Zelenogorsk . Green mountain is behind us.

Stary Sobor / Lipova in reality

The stables of Stary

The stables of Stary

The stables – it was not really pleasant inside


Finally – the famous red barn

the military camp behind it – a dumpsite in reality.

Around Stary Sobor

military camp

military camp

Above of Stary

The second stable of Stary

Stary Sobor Church



New appartment buildings of Cherno, taken from the ‘coast road’

path to Zub castle

The other side of the street

To Vishnoye. Looks like that exactly ingame since 2009.

The houses are also ingame there, but there is no hiking path like in reality.

Like here – ingame everything is much smaller

Zub Castle. Blansko in reality

pictures taken at the castle

pictures taken at the castle, here to the south to the ‘coast’

The castle. Looks totally different than ingame – there is no big tower :/

Just a small house you can climb on, not even 5 meters

Vishnoye. Also called Blansko in reality

Stary and Novy are somewhere behind


Forest around the castle

New appartment buildings in Cherno/Usti.

The new bus station

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collection of real life pics from our game