Hello, I’m Clyde. I like all kinds of hunting, and cooking. 😉

After the outbreak me and my partner ran North, shit was crazy down south..
People running around chewing on eachother, screaming, fires, looters running and breaking into houses.

We figured the best thing to do was bring a couple high grade guns and wait it out in the hills, I try keep away from the Zeds but sometimes you have to shoot.

Nearly everyone I’v met has been hostile, I’v seen guys running with people for a few hours just to be shot in the back. Not me… I’m not letting some ass shoot me in the back and take my shit.

If I think someone sounds hostile, or sounds too “friendly” then I’ll shoot them in the back, for now you’ll only ever hear me say “I’m friendly”, the more people that trust me the safer I’ll be, and if they mess up…

I grew up in London, England and travelled to Chernarus on business, I heard that a lot of shit was going down and things were getting pretty rampant in the days approaching the outbreak, I decided I wanted to get out, I went to the airport and when driving down the road I saw this huge airplane smash into a building in some town at the coast.
Next thing I knew I’m stuck here.


I usually play pretty friendly, I don’t really like automatic rifles so you’ll never see me with one, FAL, SKS, SVD.

When they add a scope you’ll see me using the IZH-18 for the most part, unless its shit and I go back to the others, If you have less gear than me I wouldn’t worry about getting killed, if I don’t have much and you don’t know me I prefer to play as the survival type and I will take your shit to prolong my own life.

Other than that I’m friendly 😉