Shared by newt on September 22, 2016

Nomad, Rustycaddy. I am just calling on your names as you are good at this. I almost collected all the campsites Welcome Boards. Surprisingly none are the same and I need to know what they say. Please hwk do not move them to a discussion board.
You see I have this huge ass map against my wall of Chernarus and would love to update it with all the best info I can retrieve. The map I have has run old now and it does not even have Prison Island on it. Want a more streamlined up to date map.


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    Check out Tatanko, he is a really awesome photographer and also one of the top users here. And we both are huge contributors to the DayZ Wiki, but he’s like the god of the website with his amazing talent of writing down info for good use.

    Also this summer camp is called “Summer Camp Schoolboy” or we could just call it “Summer camp Students” which is very odd. And I know not all of these places have weird names, but it’s just the work of the devs, and the mixture between Czech and Russia that create Chernarus. And these camps are just like the ones in the Soviet Union, considering that Chernarus was apart of the Soviet Union. And these young pioneer camps are just like my the ones my mother always grew up with.