Shared by newt on August 14, 2016

Are there any other book collector’s in DayZ. I have been doing this a while now and still there were 6 books I never got my hands on. I lost all my print screens and can not remember their names except this one that I am looking very Hard for. The New Testament. There are 150 books, I have now recollected over 70 of them, almost 50 are pristine or worn. Please share your book collections stories or details. would like to heart some.
Also, please look at these books those who do not even glance at them, they are pretty darn neat, some I do believe share secrets. Look at the artwork on Youth, bloody fingerprints at the back of the book and written please help’
Also you can read them, place in inventory and then in a quick slot and press the associated number, book opens. Surprisingly not many know this

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