Skalisty Sunrise Spawn.

An interesting spawn point for a scientific expedition in DayZ .60. Today, I will head north in the steps of previous pioneers to explore the Northeastern Debug Plains and procedurally-generated terrain and islands of Chernarus. I’m looking to survive as long as possible and travel as far north as I can, sustaining myself using only the harsh environment and the tools I bring.

Heading North.

After gathering some basic supplies on Skalisty island, I swim to the mainland and head up the main eastern highway. On the way, I fix up a nice sedan.

The Northeast.

The map shows my primary looting area. Mostly relying on Svet, Bereziki, and the smaller rural towns in the extreme northeast corner to gather supplies for the trip.

The Infected.

Even a peaceful scientific journey will encounter some bumps. A small horde catches my scent in Svet and I lose a couple pints.


As I drive around the northern roads, a human figure emerges from the mist. I take no chances.

The Last House in Chernarus.

This is the last residential plot on the map, heading northeast. A very peaceful scene in a nice small rural town.


Just down the road from the Last House, there lies some cabins and a camp in the woods. These are the last buildings of civilization in Chernarus. I leave my trusty sedan here, set up camp, and sort my loot for the expedition.

Key items include:
Logs, sticks, bandages, fish traps (netting + metal wire), matches, cooking pots, cooking tripod, shovel, water bottle, walkie-talkie (I never did heard anyone), fishing rods, improvised stone knife, insulated clothing, and of course a book.

Statement of Peaceful Intentions.

Edge of the World.

The debug plain begins. The treeline ends and the sea coast begins to take on some strange properties.

Optical Distortion.

A number of various visual anomalies are occurring at this point. It seems like the geometry of the world itself up here is different. Horizons are not what they seem, the coastal haze intersects with the land at unexpected angles, and water effects are distorted heavily.

Visual Anomalies.

Continued observations of warped optics and landscapes.

Alien World.

Definitely feels like you’re swimming on one of Saturn’s moons in this strange sea.

Pray for Rain.

The situation suddenly turns a bit dire. I’m hyperthermic out of nowhere and losing hydration fast. I cannot seem to gather enough rainwater quickly enough for my thirst. I turn to the skies for hope.


In a last ditch effort to save the mission, I try to catch some fish from the alien sea to stave off dehydration, while trying to shed some BTU’s in the seawater. An interesting note: the improvised fishing pole + bait was not able to be deployed. The extendable fishing rod that is found at small boat spawns did seem to be able to be cast, but I did not catch anything on time. I’m forced to eat and drink the rest of my supplies to survive. I must go back.

Forced to Turn Back.

After shedding my hyperthermia, I was able to return back to Bereziki to re-hydrate, re-loot, and rethink my plan. The debug plains are a harsh realm indeed.


Departing at night this time to keep my cool. An interesting visual anomaly as the moon rises below the actual sea horizon. You can see the edge of the world silhouetted against the disc of the moon as land, sea, and air are distorted.

Big Kahuna.

Using information gathered from the Weyland Yutani explorers, I was able to spot what they named ‘Big Kahuna Island’ off of the coast of the debug plain. Located maybe an hour’s run north from Svet, but I was hugging the coastline and looting a bit along the way rather than going as the crow flies.

Almost There.

Big Kahuna Island is the fourth island on the northeast debug plain, as named previously by Weyland Yutani. Nostromo, Sulaco, and Little Finger Islands precede Big Kahuna as you head up into nothingness.

Surf and Turf.

Just another visual artifact as I approach the shores of Big Kahuna.


I’ve reached Big Kahuna Island and I am healthy this time. A bit thirsty, though.

Setting up Camp.

Getting to work planting some pumpkins, setting fish traps, trying rabbit snares (they don’t work out here), and getting a nice warm fireplace going.

Time to Relax.

Finally, I can sit back and watch my pumpkins grow, cook up some fresh fish, and enjoy the view looking back towards the mainland, knowing I can settle here for a bit before moving on.

Learning Cyrillic

Expanding my mind a bit while my garden grows.

Pumpkin Time.

Clearly excited about this freshly harvested pumpkin.

Target Practice.

As is tradition.


I will continue north to see how far I can go and survive off of pumpkins, fish, and only the logs and sticks I could carry with me. It is a lonely journey of science. There is always more to uncover.

Shout out to Tatanko, Gews, Weyland Yutani, and all DayZ players with an itch for going further.

-The Doctor

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