ChDKZ (ЧДКЗ) Chernarussian Movement Of The Red Star

The image above shows a propaganda billboard of the ChDKZ influence in the south Zagorian region of Chernarus, this one happens the be in Krasnostav in the far north.

Before the apocalypse, a civil war took place in 2009. It was a blood one and the ChDKZ was a communist revolutionary organization that wanted to make Chernarus a communist/socialist state like it was before the collapse of the USSR in 1991. Their influence reach the whole north eastern region of Chernarus called South Zagoria because of the Black mountains to the north of Chernarus. They fought to the death and also expanded to the island of Utes if you ever played Arma II, it was supposed to be in DayZ Sa and was shown in a devblog way back.

Flag of the ChDKZ

This is the official flag of this communist faction, the red star is representing the good times of USSR, my mother was born and raised in the Soviet Union until it collapsed, I could see why the ChDKZ wanted it back but it couldn’t work after. In my spare time I’ve talked to people who lived in the USSR from Ukraine, Latvia, Belarus, life was not cold and bleak as most would think but it wasn’t a bad life either. It had the ups and downs but mostly ups, so they fought out the CDF (Chernarussian Defense Forces) out of Zagoria to the south western point of the region.

Rag Tag Uniforms and Continuing the War

These uniforms are not the best and are the closest you’ll see a ChDKZ rebel in DayZ SA, they’ve taken out the near my military bases and gained old soviet gear mixed in with their civilian clothing. When the ChDKZ were fighting the CDF they gained a lot of their territory because of their strength, most were Chernarussian Soviet Soldiers. It was brutal but successful military training the helped them in their cause. The ChDKZ had also gained support of Russia only because of a bombing in Red Square Moscow, Russia killing dozens this made Russia enter the civil war in support of the ChDKZ because the ChDKZ staged the bombing and blamed the NAPA Guerrilla Faction that was supported by the Chernarussian government to get rid of the ChDKZ, so basically Russia was tricked into supporting the ChDKZ. This really caused more tension between the sides, only until the near end of 2009 that the U.S and NATO was called in to ease the tension, a group of USMC soldiers were assigned to find the two leaders of the ChDKZ whose names goes by ‘Akula’ Lopotev, and Mikola Bardak. Akula in Russian means Shark and is actually one of the first words I ever spoke when I was an infant. The USMC soldiers were assigned this mission called “Operation Red Harvest” and they endlessly spent their time hunting down these men, and after battles with the ChDKZ they uncover the truth and bring and end to the ChDKZ, they also reveal the lies and inform the Russian Federation and NAPA bringing the official ending of the civil war in Chernarus. Soon later the outbreak begins in an alternative universe were DayZ takes place, where the player carves out their own story with the lore of Chernarus.

Thank You!

I want to thank you for stopping in for part one of many other to come, I hope you also use this information for your next dayz roleplay experience. This image above is one out of four badges given out at PAX South by the DayZ devs, since most if not all can’t read Russian it translates to “Chernarussian Movement Of The Red Star” I’ve also cropped this image of it for perfect viewing. And it was also confirmed by Brian H. that DayZ in heavily under the post Arma Universe, More to come…