Shared by Happybro on December 23, 2016

“The animation team has had a mountain of work in front of them for 2016. From working hand in hand with the programmers responsible for creating DayZ’s upcoming new animation system, to collaborating with designers and artists on all of the required new animations for new content, mechanics, items and so on. Not to mention redoing all the animations for existing gameplay mechanics, and items created on the legacy system from 0.28 to 0.60. With progress examples including but not limited to:

  • 90% of all required animations for our Beta milestone completed
  • 44 Weapons redone (Each about 10 anims per weapon)
  • 24 new weapon unjamming anims (2 anims each)
  • 2 New Vehicles (Approx 35 anims each)
  • 2 New Gestures (Approx 9 anims each)
  • 30 New Combat Anims
  • 24 New Action Anims
  • 1,744 Adjusted, Refined, and Exported Anims

As we move past 0.61 in the tail of the year, and the bulk of the team is focused on our beta milestone, their work internally has paid off extensively, as the team can now begin working with our final animation system and the fruit of their hard work over the last year finally begins to make it to the main DayZ internal branch.”