Welcome to the Party

The evening began with a trip in the Sedan from Kamenka to Stary Sobor. When I arrived, Skyren had already lit the place up with color.

Splash of Color

Strategically placed chemlights, road flares, and torches gave us all kinds of variety.

The Spectrum

Every angle you viewed the camp from looked a little different, but no matter where you were standing it was cool.

Red Disco Ball

When a flare gun was fired over the camp, things really looked interesting. The flare hung in the air like a disco ball over our dance floor.

That's Not Safety

After deciding she didn’t want this AK, Skyren left it hanging in the air like this. She tempted fate by looking down the barrel, despite our concerns for her safety.

Let Loose

It’s a party, why not do some dancing? We all took the time to have some fun before heading out.

See Your Death

It might be empty, but staring down the barrel of an AK still makes me uneasy.

Appreciate This

Skyren, taking pride in her lighting handiwork.

Your Host

Taking the time to pose in front of her “disco tent” before we leave.


(Alternate to the above.)

S...V...oh shit!

Before heading out of town, we stop to get some water. At every opportunity possible, this SVD is fired to scare the crap out of us. The new sounds are quite impressive.

What a Crew

This isn’t the entire group that we would assemble that night, but this was our convoy back to camp. Notice the lovely new VSS.

Lookin' Snazzy

Dudester salutes, proud of the ensemble he’s assembled.

Oh Hey!

At this point, I think Skyren was tired of having her picture taken. I didn’t let that deter me, though.

A Short Drive

So of course I took her picture again while we were traveling to camp in the Sedan. The driving experience was remarkably smooth, even as a passenger.

Destination Reached

Back at camp, Dudester gives me a tour of the place. I find everything I could possibly need here.


Now that we’re here, everyone just wants to relax and take care of themselves. Naturally, we all get restless immediately and start messing with each other.

Light Up the Night

Torches have become an invaluable tool for us, especially when we’re hanging around camp. It looks like everyone is behaving themselves, but the picture is kind of a lie.

Wait, What Are You Doing...

I turn around at one point to find Skyren preparing to throw a torch at my face.

Dance Floor

Instead, we dance. Several others join in. It’s the perfect activity for passing the time while others do their thing.

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An evening of 0.59 on the Stable branch.

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