Day One

On the first day, I sit on a hill overlooking Svergino while some friends and I come up with a game plan. There are new vehicles, and we want to see ’em.

Easy Targets

I meet up with Skyren, and we begin making our way to the coast. Our best hunch about where to find the new vehicles takes us in that direction.

We have a bad habit of running around with flares or torches, but it’s led to some fun encounters too.

Cleaning Up the Mess

With dead bodies still standing up, stiff as a board in 0.59 Exp, we get an idea. After seeing a dozen or more around a popular spot to jump for suicide, we decide to do our civic duty and get rid of a few. One by one we chop up the bodies and dispose of their equipment, leaving nothing but a pile of steaks, bones, and clothing in the street.

…we may have eaten a few steaks, too.

Familiar Territory

By daybreak, we’ve made our way down the coast to Elektro. I stop to catch my breath before moving on as I scope the area for danger.

Witnessing Tragedy

As we continue our environmental campaign of cleaning up dead bodies, we encounter this fellow in the red helmet. After a short chat, he says goodbye. We expect him to walk away, but instead he kneels to the ground and puts one in his chin. So much for that.

Onward to Cherno

We decide we’ve had enough of Elektro after not finding any vehicles nearby, so we continue onward to the next city with optimism.

Joining us are Jukebox Guy and a random friendly that helped us with some zombies. This fellow loves his bow and arrow setup!


We hear gunshots as we get nearer to Cherno, so we slow down to scope things out first.


Just as we enter the city, the sun goes down. Shortly thereafter we all met our end in one way or another: unfriendly players, a pack of zombies, you name it…


I’m respawned on the southern coast, and make my way north to meet Skyren again. Here I pause in Shakhovka to consult a map.

The Garden of Berezino

In the time that it takes me to travel there, Skyren has met some friendly gents in Berezino who are protecting fresh spawns from the infected. Not only that, they have a garden established inside a fenced-in area in the northern part of the city.

Here, they gather basic supplies to give away and grow vegetables for weary travel. I never learn what their ultimate fate was, but they kept at this for hours. Bravo gentlemen, bravo.

Day Two

On the second day, I am forced to start from scratch yet again. Given an east coast spawn, I work my way inland from Solnichniy to Dolina.

Working on It

Elsewhere, Skyren has found an Offroad Hatchback. It lacks nearly every part it needs, but we begin the repair process anyway. We never do get it running unfortunately, as we couldn’t find all the needed wheels.

No Party Without the Bus

Much later in the evening we stumble upon this bus outside Mogilevka. Though we find every part we need for it, the bus seems to be stuck in such a way that we are unable to enter it. We leave all of the parts, hoping someone will benefit from it after a server restart.

Day Three

I meet up with Skyren once more for a final evening of vehicle repair. We find each other at night, which always seems to be the case these days.

A Friendly Appears

Not long into our journey, we meet up with DonToraneko, the DayZ comic guy! He accompanies us on our trek inland for vehicle parts.

Not Again...

Our first attempt at repairing a sedan in Pogorevka does not go well. We’re able to move it at first, but it quickly decides to settle in between a wall and a signpost where we are unsuccessful at moving it again.

Another Attempt

We find a second Sedan in Pogorevka hiding under some trees. Here, Jukebox Guy watches Skyren attempt to get the car unstuck from a tree.

This Doesn't Look Good

We have to give up, as every attempt to remove this poor car from the tree has failed. Sure looks like a real accident though, doesn’t it?

Cutting Our Losses

Seeing as this vehicle is a loss, we grab everything we can from it and continue on our way. It’s incredibly handy to have a group of four that can carry all the wheels!

Yet Another

Don remembers spotting another Sedan in Vyshnoye, so we head that direction. Before we even make it there, we spot this gem sitting along the road.

Get to Work

The team quickly assembles the necessary parts, minus doors and hood, but can’t seem to get the car started.

Almost Ready

Once we mess around with taking parts on and off, the car finally starts. From here on out though, we had major issues with desync that would ruin our attempt. Between the four of us, everyone showed differing amounts of wheels on the car… but no one saw it with all four, despite all of them showing in in the inventory screen.

Regardless of what happened, we basically just ended up doing a bunch of donuts in a nearby field. Eventually we got fed up with it and decided to call it quits for the night.

We've Had Enough

Before we pack it in, we get the bright idea to take out some of our frustration on the car. After removing a few critical parts we may want later, we absolutely unloaded on it. 200+ bullets were fired into the poor hunk of metal.

That Poor Car

Everyone takes their turn, showing no mercy. As we pepper the car with bullets, it slides through the forest like it’s on ice, nearly an entire kilometer by the time we’re done! We find this very amusing.

Shared by Tatanko on December 3, 2015

Several evenings testing early builds of 0.59 on the Experimental branch.

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