Stab It With a Knife

With the first build of 0.59 Experimental, we didn’t get any new vehicles. It was all about the zombies. There were other things to test though, like the barrels. New in 0.59 is the option to poke holes in a barrel using a knife, rendering the barrel suitable to act as a fireplace. This allows air to circulate through the barrel and feed the fire, and putting the lid back on gives you the perfect place to sit a cooking pot.

They're Back

Zombies are back in force with 0.59, though for right now mostly just in the cities. Here we see a group of survivors in Chernogorsk taking a rest after fighting off a dozen or more. Their friends in the background weren’t so lucky.

Common Cause

One pleasant side effect of having zombies back as a threat is more social interaction. With everyone out of practice fighting them, they were less reluctant to group up in order to survive.

Not Everyone, Though

No matter the circumstances however, there will always be a few that can only think of themselves. These fellows proved little threat after we were already warmed up from fighting zeds. My companions peppered them with bullets from down the street before they fell to the mighty ax.

Hit "Restart"

Unfortunately, after defending ourselves in Chernogorsk, our lives were taken anyway. Snipers taking advantage of the chaos, I’m afraid. I begin again in Nizhnoye.

Head North

As I make my way through the apple orchards towards Berezino, I stop to admire the scenery. Sure seems like something is different, but I can’t put my finger on exactly what it is…

That Sky

One thing is for sure, the sky is gorgeous in 0.59. Sunset and sunrise seem to be more drawn out in the accelerate time scale as well, giving you additional opportunity to enjoy them.

On the Lookout

Later on in Novodmitrovsk, I search for new buildings. Many of those that are newly enterable in 0.59 can be found in eastern Novo’s industrial section. Notice the moon hanging out in the daytime sky now as well.


Once again I stop to look around. The concrete jungle with plants growing through it looks particular good on this day.


On day two, the weather I arrive to makes me feel cold through my monitor. Desperate for supplies, I try the far northeast hoping it remains untouched.

The Essentials

Gathering what I need, I make a last run through town as the sun comes up.

Waiting for Friends

Arriving back in Novo, I wait for some traveling companions to arrive. Here is me watching a leaf float around for some reason.

Dr. Schultz

When a friend finally arrives, he is in character as the eccentric Dr. Schultz, an evil doctor who “just wants to perform some tests on you.”

Shade of the Tower

Trudging our way west for some better equipment, we take rest near the base of the Green Mountain tower.

It's Better than Bad, It's Good

New log piles placed throughout the map in 0.59 look great and feel even more authentic.

Long Way Around

Trying to remain stealthy on an active server, we tiptoe through Drozhino to overlook the area before heading in.

The Colors, Dude!

As I run to Zelenogorsk, I’m overwhelmed by the exaggerated purples that fill the sky.

Back in the Saddle

Day three comes much later, after the introduction of new vehicles. Lucky for me, I begin again in Chernogorsk where there are several opportunities to try and snag one.

That Moon

Of course, it immediately falls to night. Along with the seemingly extended sunset/sunrise periods, we also have a period of “bright” nighttime just after sunset. The sky is filled with gorgeous blues and the moon demands your attention.

Up 'Til Dawn

I spend all night looking for parts to fix an Offroad, with very little success. I find nothing that the car doesn’t already have. But, I keep looking.

Too Quiet

Chernogorsk is unusually silent this day. Despite a half-full server, there isn’t a single gunshot and not a soul in sight.

Twice in Novoselky I encounter friendly scavengers however, who mean me no harm and are looking for parts to go on the very same car as me. I wish them well and continue my search, only to find the Offroad gone when I come back to the site where I found it. I guess they got it running!

Go North

I am contacted by two friends who wish for me to meet them up north. They have a V3S and need my help getting it running. I begin the long trek to the northeast from the southern coast, and spy another Offroad without any parts on my way through Prigorodki.

Not Much Here

I figure I will pick up a few things on my way through here to keep me going on my journey. I find some food, but little else. This area must have been picked clean recently.


Taking a break to plan my route seems like a wise move, so I enjoy this view of the farmlands while I consult my map.

Prigorodki Station

The train station at sunset looks like something out of a movie.


Well into the latter half of my trek north, I watch the sun rising over the mountain of Klen. I can see the peak from here!

Results May Vary

When I finally reach my companions, we have… difficulties. Though we encounter little problem with getting the necessary parts for the truck, actually repairing it and getting it moving were a bit tough.

Though it may look like we jacked up the truck in this shot, I assure you it did that all on its own. Also, kids, don’t crawl under trucks — it’s not safety.

Barely Functional

We eventually made it all the way from Karmanovka to Svetlojarsk with this truck, but it was a huge struggle due to the lack of power the V3S is burdened with at the moment. It may have been missing quite a few parts, but it got the job done and we were happy to test it.

Shared by Tatanko on November 24, 2015

Several evenings testing early builds of 0.59 on the Experimental branch.

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