What a View...

This is what we play DayZ for.

Auto Repair

Sometime soon, this repair station in Novaya Petrovka may be put into service by some entrepreneurial survivors.

Ye Olde Train Station

There’s just something so “old” feeling about this train station outside Vavilovo.

"Sit down!"

Igor practices his ability to look intimidating.

What the...?

We’re a strange gang, aren’t we?

Having a Look

Scavenging what we can from the truck.

Lots of Space in Here

The car tent has tons of room to stash barrels, and even a civilian tent!

Standing Guard

IMT watches over the camp while Dudester manages our camp inventory.

Shared by Tatanko on July 31, 2015

A third album of adventures in 0.58 Experimental.

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