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    I bet most people wont even know what all these items really are. They will even be learning basic technical stuff about vehicles. Not that often people learn things like this with video gamese.

    I personally love how detailed they are going. I know it will be have to be played with a lot to balance out the loot, but it will be so much fun putting stuff together to get something fixed. Having small missions like this has always been what I do in DayZ, not just go kill people, that comes alone the way my missions and its way more exciting when combat just bumps in your way rather than trying to find a fight.

    • You must survive against zombies in this game, not just survive.. It’s for that reason that everyone kill everyone because they can’t help each other, they can’t fight together against something and the only way to enjoy it’s kill someone else. More zombies = more danger = more coop = the real Dayz Mod = Dayz Standalone. Easy.

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        When I see everybody talking about realism, and coop-based gameplay against zombies.. The big thing is that even with the small amount of features the game actually has (actually pretty big, but far from what devs want) the servers can’t keep to run, there’s almost constant descync, and they planned to add more zombies as an exemple? What ruins the game is the fact that all the entire game is server-based and everything even with a huge bandwidth will “lag” like the horde test video, you can see how the zombies’ path is pretty smooth (tested internally) but online the zombies will stop every 5 secondes, and chase you again. They should redo the game.

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    I love how DayZ is going for realism.But you can go too far… Which makes a lot
    of things in the game pointless I.E the Blood System. I’m not saying it isn’t cool
    But adding a system where you need A B C & D for it to work. A lot of people are
    Gonna opt out and avoid it. But we’ll see how things pan out, I for one am still
    excited for this and more things to come.

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    can i just say im so excited fro all these things being added i fell in love with this game as soon as it the steam stores. im also really excited for the big things the dev team has planned for the future. I hope people give this game a chance and will hold on to it because i know that this is going to take the survivour genre to a whole another level.
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