Setting: Main Street, Elektrozavodsk

We didn’t set out to be cannibals, but we did choose Elektrozavodsk. We thought we were determining our own adventure, but what we didn’t realize was that Elektro had already chosen for us.

Starring: Skyren, Jukebox Guy, and Tatanko

The madam on the left, the musical wonder on the right, and yours truly as photographer.

You Can Hear the Wind

The evening begins innocently enough. We get the usual grief from bandits looking to take our weaponry, but that’s standard procedure by now if we spend time here. It comes with the territory.

Stick to the Middle

We decide to do some looting, and we keep it to the boulevard to avoid losing sight of each other.

Elektro Police Force

After rummaging through the police station, we decide to spend the rest of the evening as the authority in Elektro. Surprisingly, many people obeyed our orders and chaos would not arrive for quite some time.

We Make a Friend

I don’t believe he ever gave us his name, but this fellow would be the beginning of our undoing. He very generously gave me a vest that would later help save my life, but he would be the one to introduce us to cannibalism.

Jukebox Guy, as he commonly does, disappeared for a little a while at this point.

Raw Meat With Two Legs

This poor fellow would be our first victim. Without even so much as hinting that we wanted to eat him, he went down on his knees and submitted to us. From there, he refused to say a word. It’s like he wanted to be eaten…

Make it Quick

…so we obliged. Skyren put the blade of her fire axe square into the silent stranger’s skull.

Cook 'Em Up

One thing Sky and I wouldn’t do was eat the meat raw. We felt it necessary to at least cook the meat first. Our new friend had quite the appetite, saying he couldn’t wait that long — downing two raw steaks immediately.

Time to Consider

We could have ended it there. That could have been our taste of human flesh, and we could have moved on to do something else.

A Stranger Approaches

Something about the human steaks made us even more paranoid than usual when it came to strangers. The next person to walk along made us very uneasy, and Jukebox Guy appeared from the shadows to protect us because he too could sense that something wasn’t right.

After making him feel uncomfortable, the second stranger lashed out at us and forced our hand to end him.

The Chameleon

Following our second kill, this quiet fellow joined our group. We didn’t know it at the time, but he would come back to annoy us at several key times later on. He pretended to assimilate himself into the group as a cannibal, waiting until we would drop our guard.

Losing It

By this point, the brain prion disease was setting in for me. We had already been through trauma repeatedly to boot, and the worst was yet to come.

Fill the Barrel

Someone brought a barrel out into the street to join our campfire. The person who had introduced us to cannibalism (now wearing a mask in this picture) decided that our goal would be to fill the barrel with human steaks.

At this point, yet another person approached the group and was conscripted to be a sacrifice to our cannibalism.


The silent stranger who I referred to earlier as the Chameleon makes his move, striking at Skyren with his fists and knocking her unconscious while he sits at the campfire with her back to him. This began a struggle that would leave the street filled with bodies.

Now We're Talking

The son of a bitch triggered a series of deaths that ended with me finally striking him down and avenging everyone else who had gathered. It was a minor setback, and ultimately served to assist in filling our barrel with meat.

Cleaning Up the Mess

Skyren and the original cannibal make their way back to the scene eventually, and we begin the task of carving up all of the bodies festering in the street.

Strange Barbecue

As quickly as the group had been slaughtered, our numbers swelled right back up. Many curious bypassers joined in on the fun, including one fellow who would turn out to be genuinely innocent.

Cook Time: 20 Minutes

We spent quite a while cooking up steaks.

More Approach

Additional people kept stumbling upon our illicit activity. They seemed okay with it, so we continued to let people join in.

Cruel Intentions

The man face down on the ground with rope around his wrists was the result of our boredom. We had gotten so used to the action that as soon as there was a lull, I snuck behind the fellow slipped the rope on him. This caused quite a ruckus, but everyone went after him… not me.

Eye of the Storm

Here we are seeing a rare moment of calm in the middle of a cloud of chaos all over this part of Elektro. While seemingly everyone else struggled against each other, a few of us sat and ate by the fire.

Getting Crowded

This doesn’t quite convey the peak number of people at the feast, but this is about the time it started to go downhill completely.

Watching Carefully

In the battles that followed the crowd expanding in size, very few survived. I escaped to relative safety on the roof of a nearby office building and kept an eye on the campfire.

Can't Keep Going

Skyren and I decide that we’ve had enough for one night. Surveying the ruined remains of the poor souls that perished here this evening, we can say it was worth the fun.

Shared by Tatanko on November 1, 2015

A Halloween evening of strange encounters and stranger people as I accompany Skyren22.

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