By. Asmond

As default, our screen must be absolutely clean of indicators, huds or other elements that affect the immersion.

By simply pressing the “show items key” (usually the key left to the 1), the status indicators, the stamina bar and the quick access icons appears. These can be locked on the screen by double tapping the same key.

Here briefly explains how they should work. To the extent that all is in good conditions (health, food, thirst, bones), no indicator should appear on the screen. Once any of these status become in danger, they could just give a signal with the lighting system described.

Here is an example of what the inventory looks like in this concept. Priority is given to space, minimalism and depth of field. The blur is much more intense in the edges (iris blur) than in the center making it possible to see the background. By default, the preview of our character should be disabled, although it can clearly be activated and blocked on the screen to have the classic full size view and be able to zoom in and out as usual.

Regarding the vicinity, it changes its format to list, avoiding the rectangular system. This allows greater agility and more clarity in the representation and description of the items. Also allows greater differentiation with the items on the floor and those of bodies and bodies.

Here are two important points to note:

Firstly, devices (radios, compas, range finders, binoculars …) now have a special place in the inventory. The reason for this is that they can be used by assigning a particular key. I think it would improve and increase its use with this system.
The second thing has to do with the attachements system. Instead of having pictures that indicate that attachements have the weapon, it would be good for the weapon model to be interactive and we can drag and change the attachement directly. You could only do it with the gun we have in our hands.

Now let’s look at an example of when loot a player we just killed

Again we see how the inventory emphasizes keeping the view in the center so as not to lose immersion. We also see how the loot of the dead character is represented in the same way as ours (rectangular system) to make it much more agile and easy to use.

Just imagine how we are taking part of his gear and we are seeing how this disappears from the dead body.

Of course, we can also activate our character preview as always.

Another of the fundamental points of this idea is the system of interactions. Possibly with the new animations for the beta, one has to assign a limited number of keys to the animations. Nowadays, there are more animations than F (f1, f2 …) keys. So I think a good alternative would be the incorporation of a radial hud system (minimalist, transparent, non-invasive) that allows us to choose among the animations to perform.

This would activated simply by pressing and hold for more than 2 seconds the action button (or simply assigning a different button in our configuration).

Now you can navigate between different categories of animations such as: military animations, social interaction animations, survivor animations, animations inside the car, among those that can emerge from the animations that the development team incorporate to the game.

Just as an example, here I leave how would work or what could be some of the military animations. Imagine combat situation where you can not use the direct communication (nor do you want to lose immersion using external voice systems or you simply dont have that person on your steam, ts, discord, skype….) and you have to tell your partner to advance, make silence, maintains position, begins to shoot, among other gestures.

Thanks for reading!!!

Shared by Asmondian on June 19, 2017

Hi ladys and gents. I just try to make this concept based on what I read and hear about the plans they had in mind for the new HUD. While the idea is to imagine something different, I was also interested in hearing Dayz fans opinions about it.

I think is an alternative vision of the current one but im sure the guys on the desing team are always a step forward so I do not doubt that they will surprise us.

I hope you find it interesting.