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    I was really hoping for more dense forests…even with the updated graphics, you can still see players/camps all the way through a huge forest. which is where Dayz is lacking in realism. There are few forests in the world where you can see 300m through it. Dayz devs, if you read this, do something like Tanoa’s dense forests so we can better hide our camps/ make forest fights more tense. Without proper areas to safely store a tent, theres no endgame, and its why nobody hardly plays anymore, lack of good camp location/bases. All of us veterans know the map too well, and theres only 12ish spots for good camp that a base raider in a car wouldnt find with 30 mins. Dense Tanoa like forests was the only thing I was looking forward to in .62, guess il just have to come back when modding hits, its gotten so stale

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      @Sixty40. Give them time man. They still busy. It was mentioned before that it is the reason to change the foliage to hide camps better. Tents are the camps now and any trained eye can spot the blue and green and black as it looks out of sorts, but with base building approaching it’ll all blend in better as it will look more natural.
      Also maybe stop playing at NW airfield as I guess that is there where you find all “12ish” spots for camping, cause everyone knows that all the main pvp is still just up there and even I go there to earn someone else’s hard earned loot at times. Go to any server and look on top of Vybor hill for example (coordinates 035 059) and very silly just keep jumping server and you’d run into a camp there 3 to 4 times out of 10.
      This map is huge and I’ve been camp building ever since tents have come out and I have only been found at least 2 times out of 10. It is maybe how you do it my friend.
      On a very famous dayzrp server (whitelised one) I built my enormous camp and not even once was it found on there. I used it as a feeding bases for my squad and even they struggled to find it, and those servers are always full populated. I just use the players thought processes against themselves and they all turned out the idiots I guess, reason to me is that everyone starts to think the same and no one thinks out of the box.

      Plus I guess you are just a stash hunter too. Many of those been popping up as they pride themselves by just finding stashes of others. Maybe do what I do as I love to steal and wreck and plunder the dupers bases (you know them when you see them) but I got a very soft spot for the natural camp builders sites. I tend to drop some gifts in there with little notes of I found your stuff, others could too. Why? cause they play fair and don’t need no chasing away from this beautiful game by game wreckers. Dupers are wreckers and they need to be wrecked into pieces

    • hey sixtyforty shut the fuck up it looks amazing maybe those camps should be hidden better….

  • All I saw is: Endurance, We take a lot of time to meet someone and now we will have this. Great… But Yeah, the trees are cool.

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    this does look good you’re moving in the right direction, the map changes with the recent updates have proved to be a good move, however some criticism is still to be added the graphics are improving gradually good marks there, the issues that most players are experiencing is the time between patches its as if you’ve only got 3-5 people developing this game the most recent patch from 0.60-0.61 took something like 7 months when realistically for a game being constantly developed it should be nearly monthly, don’t take this as impatience I’m still casually playing.

    With a bit more work this game could really bring players back look at patches 0.59-0.60 your servers were flooded on experimental as evidence of this, people get excited about your patches especially when you do something that can change the game…

    the changes I would like to experience most would be different varieties of infected like arms missing, little buggers crawling around, and some which look mutated. and give them their own identifiable characteristics. have the infected crawl out of the ground cars or other places rather then be summoned from Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizzadry and you’re on the ball.

    please don’t this as me insulting the game I do enjoy it at times this is just constructive criticism. but until changes like these are made its still just Arma ii with upgraded graphics, map changes, broken vehicles and infected in most towns.

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      This is what happens when they have to completely remake the underlying architecture such as an ENTIRE engine move, a new renderer, a new audio system, new AI, new animation system, recoding the entire game from SQF to Enforce Script, and more. Does this not already sound time consuming enough when an average game under heavy development behind locked doors can take 2 and up to 10 years, even for a linear story driven game!? DayZ is an OPEN WORLD SANDBOX and its under massive foundation reformation. Please give them time, just as you gave time to read this.

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    I hope new update will bring some fresh air to dayz 🙂

  • DEVS, please get the new player controller in soon, new player movement, then give all cars all working parts, this game is then basically PLAYUNKOWNS but persistent