I came pretty late, I wasn’t the latest but slowly everyone arrived and were very helpful to each other.

This was a group picture taken. No-one moved for 5 minutes or so.

People were making birds on the wall and throwing smokes. It really felt like a festival.

A lot of people including me were thirsty so as you see in the next picture, we decided to group up in Lopatino around the well.

Here people started to make plans but no-one really listened to each other in my opinion and in the end we all came together and just went head on to the castle.

A lot of people died on both sides, especially in the castle tower itself, where team blue made a last stand. We ended up sending a hostage (Baty) upstairs as a shield.

The hostage (Baty) escaped and everyone rushed forward.

In the end I thought it was a good idea to end it by jumping off the castle. I hope you enjoyed this little picture documentary. I also have a YouTube Channel which you can find at http://www.youtube.com/barelyinfected

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