Our journey begins just outside Gorka. A friend and I are on a mission to find a vehicle — any vehicle — to do our part and test this critical component of the 0.61 build currently on the Experimental branch.

In 136887 (r: 13 Dec 2016), vehicles spawn complete and ready to drive; not necessarily scratch-free, but whole. This means that upon finding a vehicle, you are free to begin driving it right away so that the experience of driving can be evaluated and quantified. This is the type of feedback the development team is looking for right now.

I happened upon a V3S Cargo truck to the west of town and met up with my friend who was approaching town from the east. I marvel at how well the truck’s headlights work (and how well they look) in 0.61.

Since the truck is a very noisy vehicle, it’s only natural that I attract the attention of some infected. Driving through Gorka, I eventually collect about a dozen even just sticking to the main road.

I was impressed with the headlights, but I also take a moment to appreciate how pretty the gauges in the truck look at night.

We head north and make the long, winding trip through the expanse of the middle-north. Apple trees dot the road along this path, and I have several opportunities to crack 60 km/h in this lumbering elephant.

About halfway to Severograd, we happen upon another truck parked in the road with its lights on. We never did see another player, but we had the odd feeling we were being watched so we didn’t stick around for too long.

Eventually we reach Gvozdno, and we decide to make a turn to the west to see how far we can make it before we both need to log off for the night.

Note the severe weather warning in the lower-left corner of the screen :p

The northern highway is empty on this night, at least while we pass through it anyway. It’s oddly calming, but we’re still on our toes. The truck has been a nice, quiet ride so far.

Passing through Topolniki now. My friend remarks that it feels as through we just missed… something… but he can’t quite put his finger on what. I agree.

I love what this game does to your head.

Making our way north from the area around Sinistok. The new shadows in 0.61 do an excellent job of leaving you to wonder what might be lying behind those stone walls where your headlights don’t shine…

The first of many littered vehicles on our way to the Tisy base. Some were complete and had obviously not been touched, and others had very clearly met an unfortunate fate at the hands of a careless driver.

Finally, we arrive at the Tisy military base. I park at the front gate and take a seat to admire my accomplishment for a moment before logging out.

Overall, the experience was primarily good. There were some hiccups when driving near other vehicles, but nothing that would have resulted in anyone’s death or the killing of a vehicle either. When not near other vehicles, the ride was excellent the vehicle behaved predictably and without fault. I very much enjoyed my trip.

Shared by Tatanko on December 28, 2016

A collection of images from a nighttime excursion on 0.61 Experimental. The focus of this period of testing is re-implementation of vehicles, and that’s where the journey begins.