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    So many PJSalt guys are writing in this section/website. How about stop crying and believe in the Devs. ? just saying but no-one of u guys did play 0.60 (atm.) when Patch 0.60 hits Experimental and it’s freaking awsome Hm? (What i think) will some of u guys stop crying ? No. i don’t think so. / I Love the Devs and DayZ it’s on of my Fav. games of all time! .. so for real F the haters! [Ps. Sorry for my shitty English^^]

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    why does the new render make everything so fucking foggy?

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    What your screens don’t show was the terrible stuttering.. or textures failing to load,, or the lack of an fps counter ..”we seem to be getting around 40 fps in electro” clap clap clap I get that already on 3ghz quad with a KFA v2 GT 740 (I assume that there machines are beasts). Your screens also don’t show the abysmal zombie AI (oh look they can jump) and horrid hit detection is still apparent. Also it your screens don’t show the amount of people they banned from the chat for posting questions on these issues (like myself and others who have been in touch) This is a broken game,,,,, its 32 bit …. the read/write issue (memory) has not been addressed for the simple fact they cant do it on 32 bit… 2gb of ram is not enough hence the stutter (disable page file or install on SSD will sort it) It look really good andelectro looked great ,, but fog, jumping zombies and a few more trees and bust buses does not a game make. All this time and that’s what they have to show… FAIL (SELL OUTZ)