The beginning: Berezino.

Ascended the fire station to find a good protecting helmet for my peaceful scientific journey and maybe an axe.

Made it to the corner. Swimming to Skalisty.

Fairly smooth from Berezino down to the Sunflower sign. Looting downtown Berezino > West Berezino > Solnichniy. I was able to pick up some bright red paramedic pants, a warm moto helmet, and a bright red mountain backpack to hold maximum science gear and to convey a non-threatening appearance as I made my way down the busy .60 coast.

Skalisty Life.

I spent quite a bit of time on Skalisty gathering the rest of the needed supplies for the almost 2 hour swim across the frigid ocean, including a nice red raincoat which will hold warmth nicely. At this point I’m inspecting my supressed 1911, with a total of 6 rounds to protect myself while looting. Even Skalisty can host a surprise encounter. I encountered two gentlemen near the castle who were quite friendly, and understandably startled.

The Last Lighthouse.

I visit the lighthouse and shed on Skalisty for one last time before departure. For some reason, powdered milk loves to spawn in this lighthouse.

Target Practice.

I won’t need the 1911 where I’m headed.

Sorting it all out.

Quick inventory sort on Skalisty before the final departure.

Gathering wood.

A nice scene as I gather some logs and sticks. There are no wood resources on Debug Island, so you can only burn what you carry.

106 degrees.

Set your bearing and trust in science.

Last look.

Goodbye Chernarus.

The Long Swim.

Moonlight Swim.

An hour into the swim. It has turned night. Status indicators good. I departed orange stuffed, fully healthy, bright green hydrated, bright green energized, and slightly overheating. At this point I am perfectly healthy and have cooled down quite a bit.

Morning breaks.

Still swimming.


An hour and thirty from departing Skalisty Island, Debug Island is clearly visible in the new day’s sunshine.

Almost there.

Deceptively close…


Exactly 1:41 after departure. It was a straight shot. I’ve arrived cold, still healthy, but with no hunger or thirst indicators. I cannot see my character’s breath, so the server may be warmer than others. Hard to tell. I’ve made it, though.

A barren view.

Cold and lonely. Warming up, though.

Tending farm.

Let’s plant a pumpkin farm.

Exploring the island.

I don’t think anyone is coming. It’s a very lonely feeling, but satisfying. Almost like walking on an alien planet.

Enjoying a book.

Art of War while my pumpkins and zucchinis grow.

Art of War by Sun Tzu

A light read.

Fruit of labor.



Relaxing by the fire, sorting through gear. Debug Island takes on an even more isolated mood when the sun falls.

Target Practice Part 2

Nothing better to do. I brought some extra .357.

For Science.



Why Not?

It’s about that time. Nothing more to see here, really.

One Last Swim.


One last look.

One Last Game.

A game of Russian Roulette. I ‘win’ once.


Debug Island .60 6/6/16
The Doctor.

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