The City of Berezino

Though it may not be obvious at first, a huge chunk of the city was given a makeover in 0.59. While the northern end closest to the highway got renovated in 0.57, the middle and southern ends saw some love this time around.


New to the area is this little quarry. It sits where previously there were only two bare dirt hills next to the highway.


For the most part, the surrounding foliage hasn’t changed much. There are still two very large apple orchards at this end of town, and lots of wide open space.

Road Through the Fields

The walk up the hill from the highway still feels about the same, until you get just a bit further up the road…


You’ll eventually see the entrance to the new quarry here, complete with a destroyed V3S.


You won’t find much here, just dirt and piles of stone. There are a couple of lootable buildings at the entrance, but the rest is for show.


Old construction equipment still dominates the quarry.

Where Did It Go?

The old construction site that was so much a part of the Berezino skyline is now gone. In its place, we have a small farm with several cow barns, a house, and some sheds.

Better Than You Think

It’s not all bad though, as there is likely more loot available here now than there was previously.

Don't Fret

Good news… the crane is still here! It has been moved next to the hospital located at the south end of the city.

On the Square

This plaza where the tank statue resides has seen some changes. The statue itself has been pushed further down towards the main road and a sitting area with plants has been put up around it.

Check Yourself

A fresh addition to the area and just behind the crane, this checkpoint features the usual blocks and sandbags as well as a guard house.

Military Presence

There’s no getting around it, the influence of the military in this sector makes itself known.

Something Different

Hmmm, these apartment buildings in the distance seem out of place, don’t they?


Head down the hill from the south end of the city to see some changes that are a little more subtle. There are more buildngs in the area, and where previously we had some short tenements there are now ordinary houses.

Camp Unknown

Head down the side street next to the houses in the last picture and you’ll come across this new camping area. It comes complete with a swimming area, men’s and women’s restroom facilities, picnic tables, and presumably what was a dining establishment.


Check out the little green dome tents that litter the area. They are only static objects, but they add a nice touch.

Keep Going

Make sure to keep heading towards the northern part of the city once you’ve visited the camping area.


Here we see that the area around the school has seen some major changes. The school itself is now surrounded by all of the city’s apartment buildings, including areas for children to play and a ton of parking space.

Apartment Bloc

The new apartment area is far nicer than the old one.


Behind the school, you will now see a grocery store as well. The area has a rich variety of resources available in a very small footprint.


Parking areas include fast food stands now, too.


This stretch of apartments in particular has a feeling of having been suddenly left behind.

A River Runs Through It

In several spots there are now ponds to spice up the scenery a bit.

On to the North

That’s it for now. All of Berezino has been completely renovated through two updates… on to Cherno!

Shared by Tatanko on November 7, 2015

A showcase of the second makeover that Berezino has received.

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