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    Mags should hold a random amount of ammo.

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    you sure that the mags spawn empty maybe some one empty tham

  • Guns should have ammo in them or be in the same house as the spawned weapon. WHO has a weapon in the house with no ammo or no mags. Oh and a horse would be nice. Maybe a beard for longer living characters. Great Game !! Keep up the great work Devs !!

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    I think it’s good for the Survival aspects of the game. BUT It would be better with a random amount of ammunition.

  • Actually people do not leave magazines fully loaded, a typical magazine doesn’t have a spring that’s designed to be always depressed. it is rough and damaging on the springs to be left fully loaded for a duration of longer then 4 days.If a spring is depressed for too long it will cause the magazine to not feed correctly and will cause the weapon to miss fire and jam up much more. most military magazines are designed differently so they can be always prepped and ready for action, but even those are considerably more expensive and are not standard issue. weapons such as the mosin nagant 91/30 ,Winchester model seventy, and the SKS use internal magazines which function the same way. So In conclusion the game is would be more realistic if this was the way it worked considering that the world appears to have been in a post apocaliptic state for more then a few months, and if magazines were to spawn in with any amount of ammo past a quarter full, they should cause jamming and be in a damaged condition and as for weapons they should appear as damaged if fully loaded. But i cannot complain since I’ve had Dayz since its first release on steam, and would like to say that I’m considerably proud of what I’ve watched this game develop into and just want to add some realistic comparisons. Keep it up Devs.

    • Actually, that’s not true. You can leave magazines loaded for extended periods of time and have them function just fine. I have a plethora of Pmags for my AR, as well as my 1911 mags that got left loaded in storage during my last move. must have sat there for 6 to 7 months with their full load. fired off just fine.