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    finally dayz is looking like an apocalypse game!

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    It’s juste the beginning 😉

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    Maybe sunny is not your version of the apocalypse but fog and spooky enviroments don’t magically appear during real would events. Survival not horror is where this game is going, it still has and will have more elements like this but it’s not meant to be a bloody torture room that makes you shit your pants. You the player can create these things though by leading a cannibal group or something and leaving a trail of bones in your wake. I’m glad there starting to add more evidence an apocalyptic event happened here though, also the infection is pretty recent in the games lore so not much would have changed minus lots of dirt blood and the evidence of bombs and bullets here and there. in the future more things like this or places you can tell were boarded up and used as shelter. eg. busted down barricades in a apartment at the front door and dead bodies or loot inside.