7. Noise

Another frequently overlooked aspect of taking good screenshots is what I’m going to refer to as “noise”. This is a number of semi-related things that all conspire to drag down your beautiful image with an ugly blemish or unwanted filter. It should be your goal to completely eliminate these things if you want your image to be as good as it can be.

Examples of blemishes include status messages (bottom left), the hot bar (bottom), the weapon indicator (top right), weapon zeroing range (top right), the crosshair, and visible breath. There is a solution to all of these. Patience to wait out the status messages will see them disappear eventually, the hot bar can be cleared by default with the ~ (tilde) key, the weapon indicator will disappear on its own, the weapon zeroing range number can be cleared by putting away your weapon, and breath can be avoided with careful timing. You cannot be rid of the crosshair, but it can be “hidden” in the image with a careful choice of placement within the frame of the shot or by placing it off-screen by using the free-look function to tilt your head with the * (asterisk) key on the numpad by default.

By unwanted filters I of course mean degraded color due to low blood, but there are other factors to consider as well. If you have Postprocessing enabled at all in the Video settings, you can have a blurry screen at times due to being hit, being sick, or any other number of reasons; this can be reset by simply disabling and then re-enabling Postprocessing. Strong lighting can also cause haziness in the image if you aren’t careful about choosing the angle, an example of which would be glare from the sun.

Image Geolocation