Shared by HomerJay on April 2, 2015

The loot hides in the toilet!
Found tent in a toilet shed. There was a Combat knive too, but you cant see it in the picture

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    confirmed, I spent half an hour searching a town, but the only loot I found was in the toilets. My prizes were an M4 and a few high cap vests (not to mention FOOD!!!).

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    This has got to be the worst and best update at the same time, I love what they are doing with zombies but the new loot economy sucks and I can never find anything, i know its supposed to be hard but im not exagerating when i say in the past 6 hours that i have been playing i have found a few clothing items only a few cans of food and no guns, i cant find anything i have been starving to death all day i cant even garden or hunt because i cant find a knife or seeds.