Cooking pot attached

Lighting the fireplace

Cooking pot attatched (clipping present)

Many different items can be added (though the Cooking Tripod doesn't seem to work)

Shared by Happybro on January 17, 2015

How to Craft Ovens:

1) Create a Fireplace Kit by combining paper (or rags) with a stick.
You will notice that this fireplace kit has a new model

2) Take 5 more sticks into your hands, look at the Basic Fireplace kit and select the craft option via the scroll wheel
This fireplace has the old model, but has much more storage space.

3) Create a pile of 8 small stones by searching the rocky texture on the ground, and then drag the pile onto the Fireplace
This should create the oven model

4) Fuel and cooking pots can be added to the oven



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    In my opinion it should be like this:

    Fireplace Kit: 1 min.
    Wooden Stick: 5 min.
    Firewood: 15 min.

    Fireplace Kit + 1 Wooden Stick = 6 min.
    Fireplace Kit + 5 Wooden Stick (max stack) = 26 min.
    Fireplace Kit + 1 Firewood = 16 min.
    Fireplace Kit + 8 Firewood (max stack) = 120 min. (2h.)

    1 Firewood can be splittet in 3 Wooden Sticks.
    1 Fireplace = 15 min. / 3 Wooden Sticks = 15 min.

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      PS: The idea that fireplace kit can be burned is useless, because you can’t cook with fireplace kit and 1 min. is to short to have any other benefits like getting warm. It isn’t important, but would be logically. I think also that the player should not be able to remove sticks/firewood if the fire is burning, but you should be able to add sticks/firewood. If the fireplace burned out, there should be ash (1 stick = 1 ash, 1 firewood = 3 ash). Ash could be used for crafting, painting… I don’t know…
      It would also be awesome if you can feel the temperature of an out burned fireplace. This is like an action which gives the information which state the fire is (hot, warm, cold …).

  • Fires ashes still having heat would be a great idea. That way you could let the fire rage for a few and then blow it out, as to avoid detection but still gain warmth.

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      I like this idea, haven’t thought about the advantage that you could warm up just by the hot ash. That make me think about the whole cooking-system. Food need to get cooked by temperature, that means you could still cook with the hot ash, but if the ash get colder, it took longer to cook.

      My real intention was, that you are able to guess when the fire burned out. The ash (as long nobody took them from the fireplace) give you the information how long the fireplace burned (4 ash = 4 sticks = 20 min.). The action to feel the temperature give you information since when the fire burned out (as long it doesn’t say “the fireplace feels completely cold”). That can be used for tracking other players.

      Its like in these movies, where someone move to the fireplace, crouch, grind some ash between his fingers and say: “they are not far away, the ash is still warm”. xD xD xD