The green dome shaped building yielded the new tent. This is the military base west of Myshkino.

Pristine is always nice.

Not the best spot but anxious to try it out.

We have life.

Was stoaked to see the amount of storage. You access it by standing the middle of the tent near the pole.

You can see some of the windows are opened and some closed. Nice new feature with the gigantic tent.

RIP other vest. For some reason you need a backpack to place a vest inside a vest now.

Shared by DayzTVBOT on November 27, 2014

Military Tent Infos

  • Tent is confirmed as backpack only. I could not put it in my hands anyway (I tried it).
  • I found this one in the green dome shaped building located at the military base west of Myshkino a few more of these buildings exist at northwest airfield. It could also spawn from military tents in both locations.
  • It has 7 functioning windows and a functioning door. It looks roomy enough for about 6-8 people.
  • Storage is set to 252 as of now I’m uncertain if a scroll bar appears once you fill it up the first page. Only 98 spaces are visible I believe.

That’s all I have for now but if anyone has anything to add ill update. Happy tent hunting hoarders.