16 May, 2013

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Fail: Always Trust your Pilot

sLAlCapwnage 6 years ago

Fail: Always Trust your Pilot When you don't trust your pilot, you get yourself killed.

DayZ – Creepy Voice

DayZSurvivorRegiment 6 years ago

DayZ – Creepy Voice I'm Until Its Gone and this is my clan YouTube channel. Check out my personal channel here: http://www.youtube.com/untilltsgoneBe sure to subscribe ...

DayZero – Clown Car

snipernosnipingp 6 years ago

DayZero – Clown Car Finding a full suv and people pouring out can be bad for your healthPeople I was playing with :ZHAman99: http://www.youtube.com/zhaman99Reddit Pos...