26 April, 2013

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DayZ SP in Arma 3

asuseroako 6 years ago

DayZ SP in Arma 3 How to install Zoombies : Dayz mod in Arma 3Playing DayZ SP within ArmA 3 Alpha engine. I know there are some things to polish like broken zombie an...

DayZ of Thrones

DannyRodriguezFilms 6 years ago

DayZ of Thrones FRANKIEonPCin1080p gave me this idea when he mentioned he was a huge Game Of Thrones fan.https://twitter.com/DannyFilming http://www.facebook.com/d...

No Talking on the Bus – DayZ

remembertomorrow0 6 years ago

No Talking on the Bus – DayZ http://www.twitch.tv/hcjustin DayZ is zombie survival mod for ARMA II

Dayz Breaking Point – Tasers

Th3Scruffles 6 years ago

Dayz Breaking Point – Tasers These are just some clips taken out of DayZ and friends episode 2 where we taser people and then give them things. Sort of like Christmas whether you wa...

Killing People with Their own Gun

MrBoredGaming 6 years ago

Killing People with Their own Gun After experiencing some server issues I decided to get into some banditry on LaughingMan US1, After sneaking up on a sniper on sniper hill and shooting ...