June, 15th: 0.60 Update is Live on Stable Branch! (1.9GB)
Encountering Bugs or Errors? Check the Common Bugfixes

DayZ 0.60: Featured Changes

DayZ 0.60: Map Changes

DayZ 0.60: Weapons

DayZ 0.60: Zombies

DayZ 0.60: User Interface

DayZ 0.60: Clothes

DayZ 0.60: Model Preview (Game data files)

DayZ 0.60: Resolve Bugs & Errors

General Bugfixes: Solve 80% of problems

  • Upgrade to Windows 10 (It’s free & awesome!)
  • Update Windows
  • If you don’t upgrade to Windows 10: Update Windows 7/8. We still recommend Windows 10.
  • Update nVidia or AMD GPU drivers
  • Uninstall DayZ from Steam
  • Delete the folder C:\Users\USER\Documents\DayZ to re-generate safe profile
  • Make sure C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\DayZ folder has been deleted too
  • Opt-out Experimental to stay on 0.59 Stable
  • Reinstall DayZ from Scratch
  • Clean all launch options: Right click on “DayZ” > “Startup parameters” > Clear the line
  • Launch DayZ 0.59, Join a server & Quit Game
  • Opt-in Experimental Branch
  • Launch DayZ 0.60

Specific: 200% Render Resolution Forced

  • In C:\Users\USER\Documents\DayZ\DayZ.cfg Change Render parameters to your native resolution:
  • “Render_W=1920;” “Render_H=1080;” & “HDRPrecision=0;”

Specific: Black Screen on Game Launch

  • Right click on “DayZ” > “Startup parameters” > set “-nosplash -noPause -skipintro” (without quotes)
  • If it didn’t work:
  • C:\Users\USER\Documents\DayZ\DayZ.cfg Set “Windowed=1;”
  • Once the game has launched, try ALT+ENTER or CTRL+ALT+ENTER for fullscreen mode

Specific: Launch Memory Error. “Instruction at 0x00000…” (Windows 7)

Specific: Audio Pop When Loading / No Sound

  • Delete the folder C:\Users\USER\Documents\DayZ to re-generate safe profile
  • Make sure to clean all launch options
  • Go to C:\Users\USER\Documents\DayZ\DayZ.cfg & set the line: Windowed=1;
    (Instead of 0. If doesn’t exist, add it! To go full screen: “Ctrl + Alt + Enter” in-game)
  • Disable 7.1 (Depend on Headsets)
  • Try to unplug the headset

Specific: Dual monitor – DayZ launch on wrong monitor

  • Delete the folder C:\Users\USER\Documents\DayZ to re-generate safe profile
  • If it didn’t work:
  • Go to C:\Users\USER\Documents\DayZ\DayZ.cfg & set: adaptive=0;

Specific: Error “Creating Direct3D Graphical Engine” on Launch

  • Your video card doesn’t support DX11, you need to upgrade your hardware.

Specific: OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) “Game capture” doesn’t work

  • Try disabling Anti-Aliasing in game options

Specific: nVidia ShadowPlay Colour/Contrast Bug

  • Configure ShadowPlay to record Desktop & press ALT+TAB in-game

If Nothing Worked: Help the Devs!

Please provide your crash dumps and dxdiag files to It would be much appreciated!

Getting your DxDiag file:

  • 1. Open the Start menu
  • 2. Write “dxdiag”
  • 3. Press enter
  • 4. A window will open
  • 5. Click “Save all information”
  • 6. You will get a text file – that’s what we need

Getting your crash dumps:

  • Go to this file location: “C:\Users\USER\AppData\Local”
  • There you should see a DayZ folder.
  • Create a .zip or .rar file of that folder.

Also, please file encountered bugs here on the Official DayZ Feedback Tracker

DayZ 0.60: PAX East Live Stream

“Calm before the storm”. This is how we can define the current mood of developer’s communication. Announced by B. Hicks during the PAX South 2016 (26-29 January), some new informations have been recently released at the PAX East 0.60 Preview aswell as Developers Log videos. Let’s make a summary of what we know so far.

DayZ 0.60: New Renderer

DayZ Dev team wanted to release the 0.60 update at the end of February, they are now polishing it and are still focused on last blockers. The update intent to be the first iteration of new renderer. It will supports DX11, and DX9 won’t work anymore. The future goal is to support DX12.

During internal tests, developers achieved to get 100+ frames-per-seconds on dense scenes, running on mid-range card (GTX970). Dense scene meaning an area like Chernogorsk, Novo, Berezino or areas that are currently low performance. As the new renderer is still massively W.I.P, there is no guarantee for everyone to gain such performances, but it looks quite promising so far. A first video has been released that show the fog and rain effects (early stage).

Dayz 0.60: Central Economy Update

B. Hicks recently discussed about the upcoming Central Economy update which allow developers to instantly push loot changes on Chernarus without deploying a new version. This include the possibility to spawn weapons variations and attachments including magazines, attachments (optics, handguards, silencers etc…) and randomized ammo quantity for isolated magazines. This technilogy will also apply to vehicles and its parts.

DayZ 0.60: Map Updates

The recent 0.60 preview at Pax East showed a re-worked version of Elektrozavodsk as well as Tulga and a bit of Chernogorsk. In the latest 0.60 Dev log video we could also see map differences in zones near: Altar, Berezino and Tisy Base.

About contaminated aras: The function is not ready yet, the base itself has been updated but is not finished. All major structures of Tisy Base are done, the different teams involved need to sit down with designers to actually set up how it will work. B. Hicks want to set a “slow burn” (or similar effect) on the character if player isn’t equipped with the proper HAZMAT gear.

DayZ 0.60: New User Interface

The new user interface will also be in! It will include new main menu, server browser, dialogue boxes, settings, loading screens. Switching through servers will show the character you have stored on that server. Players will be able to view multiple characters whether they are dead or alive. The is still a lot of back and forth with the design team.

Server browser will have 3 tabs. Developers want to include ways to easily select servers for a vanilla official DayZ experience. Next tab will be community servers. 3rd tab will be modded servers. Will see dialing in of design on UI over next coming months. Goal is to get it as functional as possible for 0.60 patch.

Options available: Turn off any messages in-game (direct chat, battle-eye, vehicle chat etc…). New icons (similar to what the mod had for thirst, sound, hunger, etc) can be disabled. Critical vehicle status will also be visible (speed, current selected gear).

Dayz 0.60: Developers Status Reports

Dayz 0.60: Announcement during PAX South

Huge thanks to panix199 & K20017 for their work on video transcriptions.
Credits to WhiskeyDelta for the Header picture.


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