December, 21st: 0.59 Update Hotfix is Live on Stable Branch!
December, 10th: 0.59 Update is Live on Stable Branch! (1.7GB)
Chernarus+ Map Update: Including all new vehicles – Transit Bus, Volga & Hatchback Offroad

The 0.59 Patch has been finally released! As most of you should already know, vehicles have the place of honor. Three new wheeled vehicles appeared, including: The Hatchback Offroad, which should be as popular as the UAZ in the DayZ mod. The Civilian Sedan, for high speed on roads. And the Transit Bus, because what would be DayZ without a party bus!

DayZ developers also confirmed that players should now spawn with a walkie talkie. In other terms: some sort of optional global chat! Let’s take a closer look at what we can expect…

Dayz 0.59: What’s New?

Dayz 0.59: 3D Models Preview

Dayz 0.59: Developers Status Reports


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    Looking back and reflecting on this game has developed in 2015, I can say now that my confidence in the devs has been lowered. I’ve tried my hardest to support this game and it’s difficult development so far, but looking back I can say that DayZ has taken a completely different turn since Dean left. We’ve had almost half the updates we had in 2014. Looking at the roadmap (yes I know roadmap isn’t a step by step guide the devs follow and problems can arise) we’ve not got half the stuff we said we would in 2015. I wouldn’t mind all this, if I had seen a big change since 2014, but quite frankly I haven’t. Sure we have 3 new vehicles, some new weapons, and some new mechanics. In a year though, we should have had so much more. Zombie and loot still isn’t even up to par yet. I still love DayZ and all ways will as i’ve had a hell of a time and more moments in this game than any other combined. But I just can’t say I recommend it anymore, until it’s officially released. Everyone else I used to play with on here, as also given up on it well. After reflecting on 2015 though, I have to ask the devs just what the fuck have you guys been doing?

  • I cant wear any clothes D: wtf ?? just cant put it on like it is not possible at all

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    There’s not much info where can i find the changelog?

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    Ok guys lets start that i have played this game for almost year now hoping that soon soon it will be done and not laggy, I hoped in EVERY single patch that they will fix at least fps problems cuz 10-25fps in city is unbearable p.s i had new beast pc which i just bought and dayz was one of first games i got on it, but i had to play on bloody fkin 800×600 and everything low, i swear my eye sight even dropped because of crazy bluriness and fact i like 70% of times didnt see from i was getting shot. Okay Okay it will get better
    I bought even newer parts for pc only because of my hope in dayz for about 1k, before i ran every game on ultra now i have 2 sets of beast parts lying around.
    Okay but guess what i still get like 20fps its beyond point of playable expectially at points when enemy is behind corner and i have to aim it gets so laggy and he just teleports over my screen then some random zombie teleports and hits me from behind.
    ok ok i can handle this so far
    i always was in developer/games side and defended game just like u guys, from people who cry about it being shetty, i guess we all thought some day it will get better…
    then after i quit after months, i started to get into 3d modding/art/models/ etc at this point i dont know how they need 1month to make 1 model srsly? i mean.. im amateur but still i can make one in week or so all by myself mby even faster.
    we wait 1month for 1 weapon model with same sounds and some new food or some junk like for example rope ? clearly u can see devs know this project is screwed and they put some minimal work into it once in a while so they dont get dissed til they figure something out…
    I Suggest them that only way for them to save this game is making it at full playeable point, focus on that first, put max effort into making game final and quit all the item and stuff nonsense, ONLY Way they can save game is to make it final now with optimised everything and update items cars, weapons etc on final game as free expansions/updates,hell they can even make modding tool which helps them put updates fast, the marketing/developement route currently seems so amateur and chaotic, Well that was my thoughts, my opinion ofc is subjective, i prolly never will return to this game, other MODS seem to be way better already and im enjoying em, but i used to love SA so i wish u guys gl and hope this minecrafted laggame will be playable for you someday.
    for me it looks like main developer and maker of game got 1-2mil off sales and from that point game got few new stuff
    if someone thinks im wrong or something please answer me with detailed facts, without dik riding

  • Where the hell is all the ammo… found guns everywhere just not ammo?

  • I am (was) hardcore Arma franchise player since the year the first game was released.
    I enjoyed DayZ Mod immensley, infact some of the most nostalgic gaming of my life.
    I have not brought Dayz Standalone because I believe it is broken (not value for money) and was very happy playing DayZ Mod Epoch (although I have since yearned for vanilla DayZ ((Epoch gives too much power to groups in terms of large stashes, cashes and castles)).
    If I had a machine capable of playing Arma 3 mod I would probably play that.
    I think Dayz Standalone does not make sense because it was made on an out of date platform (done on the cheap).
    Dean Hall: a man should not build a castle on sand.

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    There has always been zombies…. chill

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    There has always been zombies… chill

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