December, 21st: 0.59 Update Hotfix is Live on Stable Branch!
December, 10th: 0.59 Update is Live on Stable Branch! (1.7GB)
Chernarus+ Map Update: Including all new vehicles – Transit Bus, Volga & Hatchback Offroad

The 0.59 Patch has been finally released! As most of you should already know, vehicles have the place of honor. Three new wheeled vehicles appeared, including: The Hatchback Offroad, which should be as popular as the UAZ in the DayZ mod. The Civilian Sedan, for high speed on roads. And the Transit Bus, because what would be DayZ without a party bus!

DayZ developers also confirmed that players should now spawn with a walkie talkie. In other terms: some sort of optional global chat! Let’s take a closer look at what we can expect…

Dayz 0.59: What’s New?

Dayz 0.59: 3D Models Preview

Dayz 0.59: Developers Status Reports


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