September, 14th: 0.58 Update Loot Hotfix is Live on Stable Branch! (4.2MB)
August, 26th: 0.58 Update is Live on Stable Branch! (1.2GB) Changelog

Current Persistence Settings:
– Medium Tent (Pitched): 45 Days
Military Tent (Pitched): 45 Days
– Car Tent (Pitched): 45 Days
– Barrels: 45 Days
Ammo Boxes: 45 Days
– Protector Cases: 45 Days
– Backpacks (Non-Crafted): 45 Hours
Weapons: 30 Mn
– Rest of items: 30 Mn

The 0.58 patch has finally arrived! As a continuation of the previous 0.57 update, new bugfixes & improvements in the loot economy system have been implemented and are still hardly worked on. Remember, developers warned us that it will take some time to make the feature fully functional, final goal being a complete region control over loot spawn, rarity and density. That said, after a brief apparition during the 0.57 experimental iterations, the new 3rd person camera has also made its returns. Including new settings for a better “above wall” exploit fix.

Stable implementation of the persistence on loot, storage and vehicle inventory are also in. And on a final note, this patch provides a good ground base for the new repair mechanics on vehicles. First functions already appeared, as of: changing wheels, engine & glow plug.

Dayz 0.58: Featured Changes

Dayz 0.58: New Weapons

Dayz 0.58: New Vehicles Changes

Dayz 0.58: New U.I Changes

Dayz 0.58: New Map Changes

Dayz 0.58: 3D Models (Game data files)

Dayz 0.58: Complete Changelog

  • New zombie attack sounds
  • New enterable garage (building)
  • New enterable military barracks (building)
  • New enterable pump station (building)
  • New enterable transformer vault (building)
  • New smoke/particle effects for Road Flare
  • Car Tent
  • Crossbow Holosight (now has range values)
  • Epinephrine (new damaged model)
  • Glow Plug
  • Mackerel
  • Mackerel Fillet
  • Minsk Refrigerator (world container)
  • Oil Barrel (full availability)
  • Tire Repair Kit
  • Tripwire (now able to be crafted and deployed)
  • Truck Battery
  • Truck Wheel
  • UMP45 (full availability)
  • 25Rnd UMP45 Magazine (full availability)
  • USMC Pants (Woodland, Desert)

  • New Inventory UI
  • Work-in-progress; accessible using Steam launch parameter “-newui”
  • Includes previously shown menu screen, new inventory screen, and new in-game player list
  • New 3rd Person Perspective (3PP) camera is back in
  • Use “Q” and “E” keys to shift over-the-shoulder view from left to right or vice versa
  • Major changes to vehicle mechanics
  • Repair is now necessary to operate V3S (wheels, glow plug, and battery for now)
  • VS3 now has an inventory, including dedicated slots for necessary parts
  • Wheels can now be removed from V3S individually, can be popped by damage, and visibly show as popped
  • Unpacking boxes of ammo or nails now gives paper in addition to standard contents
  • Clothes now can only be torn into Rags with a sharp object (knife, axe)
  • A fire can now be built inside fireplaces in houses
  • Fireplace must be compatible (chimney, fireplace grille required)
  • Smoke will spout from the chimney outside when a fire is lit in the fireplace
  • Cooking is possible using a Cooking Pot
  • Matches can now be combined
  • Many items will now become wet just like clothing
  • New Humidity status indicator: “Drenched”
  • Serves as the new highest level indicator: Damp -> Wet -> Soaked -> Drenched
  • Fish Net Trap can now be used to catch Mackerel (saltwater) and Carp (freshwater)
  • Mackerel can be prepared into Mackerel Fillets using a knife
  • Trap can be repaired using Duct Tape
  • Animal lard can now be cooked and safely eaten
  • AK Handguard Rail can now be painted green with Spraypaint
  • Dying of clothes is now possible in the Oil Barrel
  • A Cooking Pot with water in it displays a percentage to indicate how full it is
  • Cooking Pots now require 2L of water to fill completely
  • Clothing must be removed from the player’s body and emptied of all items before it can be wrung out when wet

  • Two error messages regarding missing files
  • Land Mine does not explode and/or cause damage when detonated
  • Zombie ragdoll physics causing issues when they are run over by a vehicle
  • Zombies can pass through closed doors
  • Animals in a herd freezing in place
  • Animals spawning in the air
  • Items getting stuck in mid-air when swapped for a different item
  • Wrong holding stance and running animation when holding a Truck Battery
  • “Cannot load texture dz\gear\food\data\lard_raw_smdi.paa” error message
  • Inventory displaying clothing and weapons in the order they are picked up
  • Issues with door sounds on V3S
  • Unable to place items inside Oil Barrel
  • Cans of food go into sub-containers when opened
  • Unable to use a firearm after taking it from another player
  • Bear Trap does not work on zombies
  • Torch fails to render flames
  • Barrel inventory is not persistent (items disappearing from inside)
  • Able to fit firearms and ammo in Flaregun
  • Cooking Pot does not cool down over time
  • Raincoat unable to be repaired with Leather Sewing Kit
  • Canvas Pants unable to be repaired with Sewing Kit
  • Drybag does not keep items dry
  • Interactive wrecks sometimes disappear when item picked up from them
  • Unable to set up Land Mine
  • Can’t drop or move Land Mine from/inside the inventory
  • Vests unable to be repaired with Leather Sewing Kit
  • Vehicle inventory is not persistent (items disappearing from inside)
  • Fish Net Trap can be used even when ruined
  • Swapping one melee item with another will cause the dropped item to stand upright
  • Suppressor East not fitting correctly on AKS-74U
  • Multiple quick hotbar key presses causes character to be unable to drink from wells
  • Cannot hold/use items in hands
  • Cannot remove used gas canister from lamp
  • Wrecked trucks and police cars moving a little bit every restart
  • Fish Net Trap crafting mechanics inconsistent
  • “Cannot load material file” error message
  • Tactical Bacon does not seem to affect your hunger
  • Bayonets do not give the option to chop sticks/get kindling
  • Batteries not spawning
  • Sounds reversed on doors
  • Unconsciousness bugged; player non-responsive to treatments, no status feedback when help is administered
  • Nailed Baseball Bat disappears after a few seconds when placed on the ground
  • Roof of the office building in Berezino is invisible when in 3PP
  • Items inside tents do not show quantity
  • Infinitely stacking inventory containers
  • Cannot use Leather Sewing Kit to repair Chest Holster
  • Press Vest cannot be mended
  • Attachments disappear from M4A1 when gun is painted using Spraypaint
  • Crossbow creates light when shooting in the dark
  • Longhorn shows ammo as .308mm instead of .308 inches
  • Cooking Pot on Fireplace is accessible from a distance using inventory view
  • Items are lost when logging in and logging out due to rearranging of inventory
  • FPS drops when you put items inside other items (and inside other items, and so on)
  • You cannot switch hotbar items while there is something in your hands
  • Fish Net Trap doesn’t work
  • Map-wide global “ghost sounds” should no longer occur (i.e. opening a can of soda)
  • Items in hands may be dropped when vaulting
  • Bear Trap cannot be moved into inventory
  • “Wait for Host” screen prior to joining a server can take a longer than expected
  • Piles of loot sometimes spawning where vehicle wrecks should be
  • Plant material and Guts do not produce fertilizer after being combined in an Oil Barrel
  • Items with variable quantities do not display their stored quantity (new prototype UI only)
  • Unable to respawn via in-game menu (new prototype UI only)
  • Unable to connect to servers (new prototype UI only)

  • Glow Plug becomes “invisible” to some players and unable to be retrieved once installed on a V3S
  • Fuel gauge in V3S always shows empty
  • Global Chat is functioning (should not be)(might be fixed)
  • Breaking a leg for the second time after having fixed it may result in status message not displaying
  • Incorrect character animations at the Main Menu
  • Error message pops up when quitting the game
  • Some crafting functions for the Oil Barrel are not producing anything, but still consume resources
  • Leather items that are dyed in a barrel will disappear or convert into another leather item
  • Liquid containers and some stacked items are not updating percentage/quantity of contents properly
  • Handguards and foregrips cannot be removed or modified
  • Interacting with a Cooking Pot or Frying Pan while attached to a Fireplace yields limited options
  • Trumpet can be disassembled while loaded, and loaded ammo is lost upon reassembly
  • Apple trees can be “spammed” with the pick apple command between animations
  • Cannot run while accessing inventory (new prototype UI only)
  • Cannot access vehicle inventory (new prototype UI only)
  • Cannot climb ladders (new prototype UI only)

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