April, 1st: 0.55 Update is Live on Stable Branch! (968MB) Complete Changelog

Sharpen your hatchet survivors, 0.55 Patch has been released! This month, DayZ step up to a new level with the arrival of anticipated new mechanics & features. Developers have been mainly focused on animal A.I., Horticulture, Cooking, Fluids for vehicles, Traps/Snares and much more… For this version, the team turned on the new spawn system (loot), economy and dynamic events (working on persistent servers, they are not affected by restarts and regulary spawn loot).

Dayz 0.55: What’s new?

Lots of fixes, some additions, focus on the zombies mostly if you can. Zombie models are gonna change in 0.56 probably. There is some small visual stuff (like the running up attack missing), so the zombie weirdly stops as he gets to you. Has some weird interaction with ladders etc. And some more visual/gameplay stuff.

There is lot more work to be done, for zombies to move and chase you on ladders, windows, destroy doors etc. There is no group AI , nor there will be for 0.55. But the basic stealth is there and the performance seems to be really good.

Dayz 0.55: New Weapons

Dayz 0.55: New Zombies A.I.

Zombies are coming back! There are some problems and crashes (known issues), but in general you can expect the following in this iteration :

Zombies do react to sound/visuals. Stance changes affect visibility, clothes do not (yet). Stances and walking affect noises. Silencers do not (yet). Clothes neither (yet). They follow you when you attract them, they walk around and try to find you. There is no group AI yet, but there will be. Try the stealth to get the feel of it. There have been no changes to health/damage yet. The absolute number of zombies is set to double the amount, we will try to increase them over time balancing out changes to health/damage.

Also consider the new animations, combo attacks etc. More than 4 zombies can follow you now, be careful.

Update: There is a snowball effect of our last year of work on sensors, ai and much of the underlying yech. Exciting times ahead. There is loads more work, including item modifications, damage, health, weapons, group ai, terrain etc. But the new zomies consist of new physical controller + sensors + ai + animations etc. Thus it will help with many of the issues that zombies had, its not only stealth. Its clipping, desync, amount, performance, and more. We just need time to tweak it.

So here it is. A long awaited new zombie implementation is out on experimental servers. I highly recommend to try it out. New animations, increased numbers, basic stealth mechanics… but beware they are pretty dangerous now. I am pretty sure there are many questions and I wanted to answer at least some of them from the animation department.

What is new? They look the same

There are old models of zombies but they all use many new animations and it is all running on the new animation system which allows us to make quite incredible things. First of all you should notice there is improved blending from one animation to another. Transitions from walk to run to sprint is now fluent. Attacks are fullbody with many variations – there are now attacks when following player, when player is standing, crouching, prone…

Where are crawl and crouch zombies?

We had a bit different approach with new implementation. We wanted to give players feeling that zombies are part of the world, agressive and hungry, the way they move feels natural and they do what you would expect them to. In current version there are only standard animations for erected infected. In the future we want to add crouch animations but basically you will never see a zombie moving in crouch mode only. Instead you should see how zombie goes on all four when taking corners (visible in one of released videos), when jumping over obstacle or moving around player. Also we should meet crawlers quite soon but we will rather think of them as injured infected as they will go to this mode when you hit their legs.

When I hit infected is it always the same animation?

Yes sort of… For now. We wanted to bring basic working zombie in first iteration. For that reason there are just random hit reactions played. Soon we will change it to directional so you will see a proper reaction depending on the direction of the hit. And also – the different weapon will have different impact.

So what can new Zombie do?

Idle, Look around, Walk, Run, Sprint, Fight in various ways, React to hit – That’s basically it for this release. But even though it’s more and works better than before. Of course I’m talking animationwise here. Because their main improvement is the AI and stealth systems.

It’s not final yet…

It is not. The attack animations and their variations will be improved, we plan to add more to some specific situations, there should be feeding, door attacks, horde behavior and more. The combat system is still in early development. The player is running on old animation system, zombie is using new one. This will take some time until we will have both using the same. After that we will be able to polish the combat experience exactly as we want to but until then it will be all WIP. So please have a patience it’ll be totally worth it.

So now go on and enjoy some sneaking around corners and baseball batting. But avoid fist fighting as they will eat you alive!

Dayz 0.55: Persistence & Loot Infos

As of the 0.55 Stable Branch update, persistence will no longer be an opt-in feature. Persistence is now moving into the active core features “zone”. Private shard operators can request a reset of this through their GSP only in the case of any abhorrent behavior.

What does this mean for you, the average survivor?

As item cleanup and respawn is actively being worked on in order to function on a more comprehensive level – you will see DayZ gameplay become potentially significantly more difficult for 0.55.

  • Item Cleanup / Respawn will be iterated upon in 0.56
  • Loot concentration will evolve across the map as players scavenge and pick areas clean
  • If the area you are in seems to be picked clean, you -must- adventure further inland

Again – the behaviors involving sharp declines in loot concentration will be iterated upon and resolved, but for 0.55 you will see the struggle to survive become much harsher.

Dayz 0.55: Map Changes

Dayz 0.55: User Interface

Dayz 0.55: Leaked Models (from game data files)

Dayz 0.55: Dev. Status Reports

Dayz 0.55: Complete Changelog

  • Bear Trap
  • Landmine
  • .308 Ammo
  • Oak bark
  • Birch bark
  • Chainsaw readded

  • New Zombie AI (combat/roaming behaviour)
  • Horticulture Update
  • Cooking Update (visual cooking states)
  • Stealth
  • New Animal AI
  • Central economy
  • Fireplace Update
  • New Icons
  • Player control changes
  • New Crosshair
  • Diseases
  • Increased Zombie Count
  • Changed Zombie Spawns
  • New idle animations (main menu)
  • New UI (main menu) (use -newui switch to try it out)
  • Forced Persistence
  • Weapon rebalancing
  • Zombie Rebalancing
  • New Sensors
  • New Zombie Controller
  • New Zombie Physics
  • Noise system

  • Lot of new animal animations
  • Total rework of Zombie animations

  • New camps
  • Road improvements
  • Grassland improvements

  • Vehicle bugfixing
  • Zombie bugfixing
  • Animal bugfixing
  • and a lot more!

  • Visual bugs in zombie animations
  • Sound issues with zombies
  • A rare server crash
  • Items not spawning at proper places


  • Is for someone else this update unplayable? I can’t even play the game cause if I press a key on my keyboard, the game crashes and sends me to the desktop. I really need help, I was looking forward this update and I can’t play it. A friend of mine has a worse procesator and he can play, while I can’t. TT please answer.

  • Getting a refund is not an option, tried with BI Studios. Their rules clearly state refunds only happens in cases when the CD-key has not been used or the game is broken and they cant fix it.
    My argument was that patch 0.55 broke the game beyond repair.
    They replied, they still believe they can fix it, hence refused to give me a refund.

  • Ok… Lots of work done on the game. Lots of work also goes into looting. Lots of loot lost on supposedly persistent servers. I’ve lost so much time that I pretty much think my time with DayZ is used up. Last week my gear was completely safe, this week I’ve lost three different caches of gear and two tents. No they weren’t stolen they just vanished. I also lost four different high grade weapons. All fully kitted, an mp5, m4, ak101 and a mosin. BUMMER!!! No reason to play till this is fixed. Nice April Fool’s joke. Thought you had gear? NOT!

  • Profile photo of dionvdvelde

    There are some thing i love to see in the next update, and ll put them in the order from top to bottom, the top is high priority, this means bugs that are bothering plus featurss for improvement of the survival things lower is less important.
    1. Theere are ladders that are killing people, i had this today again at the highest ladder from a controll tower at the north east airfield, this bothers me a lot.
    2. Zombies are a bit powerfull and hard to kill, make it a little rewarding by putting a chance of a food drop or in rare cases some lose ammo.
    3. Putting netting on hour tent will be a nice way to blend your tent in the surroundings and maybe able to paint will be great.
    4. Being able to craft pungi sticks, for those who dont know what a pungi stick is, its basicly a pointy stick straight up inside the ground, this can be used for hunting or combat.
    5. Digging a water source with any kind of shovel, note that this water will be impure because it is water from within the soil.
    6. crude lighters, they have a limited amount of gas and have to be tossed away since they cant be refilled.
    7. Birdshot shells, they have a significant amount of bellets but damage your barrel quicker, plus these are rare and hard to find.
    8. The ability to maintain attachments with the weapon cleaning kit, because you can do this in the real time as well.

  • So happy with the progress this game is making! Enjoy playing it every day! I can’t wait until it’s complete!

  • Profile photo of spolb

    Am i the only one that have problems with loot after this uppdate? I cant find shit…did i miss somthing?

  • arma 3 overpoch, CCG servers. best ever

  • *Those black radio’s sitting in alot of houses, it would be awesome if you could find a battery etc…have an option to talk to other people on the map with u like a server chat but still keeps it realistic. Also way to meet people, link up etc. promotes grouping.
    *Maybe zombies like the military ones have loot on their bodies etc, players killed by zombies later on rise up with loot on them and are a zombie ?

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