March, 4th: 0.54.126646 Hotfix Patch for Crashes is Available (4.6MB)
February, 25th: 0.54 Patch is Live on Stable Branch! (723MB) Complete Changelog

  • The New UI has been disabled due to a last minute problem.
  • If you encounter FPS problems: Remove all launch parameters in Steam.
  • Spawn: 10 Police Cars, 10 V3S Civilian & 5 V3S Cargo

0.54 Update is now available on stable branch. As always, devs packed up bunch of new items, game mechanics and reworked locations. Starting with the new V3S Cargo that can carry up to 10 players, a new “Trumpet/FN Trombone” shotgun which can be disassembled, and more craftable items to enhance hermit playstyle. Suppressors are also featured this month, since you can now craft your own silencer with a PET Bottle and duct tape (working on Mosin, SKS, AK rifles etc..) and pistol suppressors are back in. Here is a complete list new features and items.

Dayz 0.54: New Weapons

Dayz 0.54: New V3S Truck

Dayz 0.54: World Additions

Dayz 0.54: Gameplay Additions

Dayz 0.54: New Clothes

Dayz 0.54: New Items

Dayz 0.54: Leaked Models (from game data files)

Dayz 0.54: Developers Status Reports

Dayz 0.54: Complete Changelog

New items:

  • Improvised suppressor.
  • Water Pouch.
  • Bone Hook.
  • Bone Arrow.
  • Pile of bones.
  • Carrier plate with attachable holster and pouches.
  • Blood bag now gives and takes twice as much blood.
  • FN Trombone.
  • New animals.
  • V3S Cargo version.

New mechanics:

  • You can craft improvised suppressor using water bottle and duct tape.
  • You can craft bone hook out of pile of bones.
  • You can craft bone arrow out of pile of bones and improvised arrow.
  • Weight added to all items and clothes.
  • Caliber of ammo affect suppressor degradation.
  • Horticulture – Potato plant and its growing process.
  • You can dismantle the FN Trombone.
  • Continuous consumption and item use prototype.
  • Items now shows only rough estimates about its weight and volume of containment.
  • Cooking mechanics changes.
  • Fireplace mechanics changes.
  • Fluid mechanic tweaks.
  • Blood mechanic tweaks.
  • Weapon degradation.
  • Suppressor degradation.


  • New spawn tags added to all buildings.
  • Degradation values set for pistols, rifles and silencers.
  • Blood regeneration nerfed.

New animations + audio:

  • Placeholder SFX for improvised suppressor (standard suppressor SFX).


  • All old rocks models have been removed and replaced with new ones.

Reworked locations:

  • Devil’s castle.
  • Pik Kozlova.
  • Black & Willow Lakes.
  • Bor village.
  • Quarry near Solnichny.


  • Pouches for vest is now displayed properly in hands.
  • Suppressor position on Longhorn while reloading.
  • Message when loading ruined ammo.
  • Spliting stone using pickaxe will give you smaller stone with correct damage state.
  • You can no longer use mace for cutting raincoats into armbands.
  • Mace can no longer be used for skinning.
  • Force feeding guts text.
  • Thermal mechanic fixes.
  • Server stability fixes.
  • Performance fixes (server).
  • Bullet penetration fix.

Known issues:

  • Animals spin in one place.
  • Animals die randomly.
  • Animal navigation.
  • Animal animations are playing at a wrong resolution.
  • You can drive v3s while knocked out.
  • Only 1 person can get on back cargo of v3s.
  • Random desync.
  • Random client crashes.


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